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The best mini houses of 2018

It seems a lie, but 2018 is coming to an end. And with it, our specials resume summarizing the year with the best that has passed through during 2018. And today, we get down to work with the best mini houses of 2018.

Slim Fit, a fully vertical mini house

Mini houses

The house, designed in height by the Dutch architect Ana Rocha, has a living area of 50 square meters. And the exterior, to contribute to sustainability, the facade is composed of recycled wood panels.


The interesting thing is that the surface at ground level of the construction occupies only 16 square meters.

Muji Hut, the prefabricated house of Muji


Muji fans are legion. And this Japanese company only needed to manufacture minicasas. Minicasas that breathe simplicity and functionality following the essence of the brand.

Mini houses

Its interior is only nine square meters, although it has a small porch of three square meters in the front of this minicasa, and has been built following the traditional art of the Japanese naval industry, using cedar burned to increase resistance.

A Japanese house two meters wide


We continue in Japan, because in Tokyo there is a house that is 1.80 meters wide. The building, a faithful reflection of the lack of space that exists in Asian countries.

Mini houses

The project has been carried out by the office of Japanese architect Yuua, it has everything necessary distributed in the different levels. The open kitchen overlooks the dining room or eating area that can receive two to three people seated. Likewise, the house has two levels that serve as an area for the living room or work study.

A mini house of 37 m2 that does not lack detail


This mini house is an authentic cucada. And is that it is designed to the millimeter to be a comfortable home despite its small size. The house is designed by West Coast Homes, a company dedicated to the design and commercialization of mini-homes.


The house has been designed with a classic and elegant air, highlighting the kitchen, with a current image and dark blue color. The modern furniture and with an industrial character, and the room has a romantic touch thanks to the sloping ceilings.

An apartment of 16 m2 in New York


The owner of this tiny apartment of only 16.25 square meters is Stella. An apartment that looks more like a hotel room with a small kitchen than a house itself.


The mini apartment is a rectangular space. Looking at it from the entrance door we find, on the right, a mini kitchen and on the left, a large bed. And at the foot of the bed there is a desk / work area with a computer.

Loftcube, a nomadic mini loft of 30 square meters

Mini houses

Loftcube is a creation of the German studio Studio Aisslinger, designed by Werner Aisslinger. A square structure mounted on supports that has an initial surface of 34 square meters, and that does not have internal walls.


This minicasa is a prefabricated construction that is delivered and installed in any terrain, and presents an attractive cubic format that reminds us of seventies modernism, although it has a state-of-the-art design.

A mini design house to make Glamping in the desert

Mini houses

These minicasas are called ‘Folly Cabins’, and are rented for visitors who want to glamping to see the desert Joshua Tree National Park, Southern California.

Mini houses for Glamping

Designed by Cohesion Studio, these minicasas present a roof with a marked structure and a steel cladding that is designed to withstand the extreme climate of this Californian desert.

A vintage caravan transformed into a 13 square meter home

Mini houses

Caravans, really, have always been mini-cafes. And we love the result of the transformation of this vintage caravan in a beautiful house, despite the meager 13 square meters available.

Mini houses

This Airtream Overlander caravan, manufactured in 1961, hides a jewel of vintage design inside. A warm interior, which highlights the presence of wallpaper, or textures, fabrics and furniture that lead us to the prevailing fashions several decades back.

From old truck to lovely mini house

Mini houses

With a little effort, and some imagination, a truck could be transformed to become a motor home. A couple from Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, decided to buy an old truck on ebay for about 4,000 euros , and adapt its interior to make it their home after investing four months of work and just over 22,000 euros.

Mini houses

The result is that the load part of the truck has become a mini home that does not lack detail. Skylights in the ceiling, small windows in the walls, a living room and a kitchen that share visual space or a bedroom and a bathroom that are separated by doors are some of the details of this minicase inside a truck.

A building with containers in South Africa

Mini houses

To finish this special of the best mini houses of 2018, we go to South Africa. There, in Johannesburg, stands this building composed of 140 stacked containers for residential use.


Each housing unit measures 12.02 meters long and 2.43 meters wide, resulting in a useful area of ​​almost 30 m2.

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