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The best exercises to improve the power of your legs

Jumping high is not just a whim. In many sports it can make a difference, it is also requested in many tests of oppositions and physical evaluations since it is an indicator of the muscular power of an individual.

The power is translated, basically, as force by speed and therefore, if we want to jump higher, we must focus on working the strength and speed of our lower train mainly.

In this article, we will treat these two points independently, showing exercises that we can perform to improve each of them.

Improve the strength of your lower train


If I told you to name me an exercise to gain strength in the lower train I am sure that most of us would come to the head, without making mistakes, the squats.

Always, and in this case even more, it is important to do full squat. When it comes to improving our power, strengthening the knee and preventing injuries, this is a better option and, therefore, when it comes to improving our jumping, it is essential to do it. In this study a comparison of deep partial squat, deep frontal and the deep back squat was done which resulted in improvement of jumping power to a greater extent. So, in this case, we will only work on this type of squats.

As for the number of days, series and repetitions we will work in a range of strength since this is our goal. In this case, there are several options such as, making a classic progression of 5×5 or 5/3/1. Any option focused on increasing the weight that we are able to move will be valid.

Apart from the squats, other exercises like the deadlift and even hip thrust can help us improve, but the squat will be the exercise that will benefit us most when it comes to increasing our strength and jumping power.

Exercises of speed or explosive force of the inferior train


The other fundamental aspect to improve our ability to jump is speed or explosive force and we are going to work mainly with plyometric exercises. How much faster and explosive the higher movement is, we will jump.

Here we can choose between several exercises but mainly I recommend that you focus on the following four:

  • Box jumps or jumps to the drawer: this exercise would be a simulation of a jump as we would do it outside of a gym. We must jump as much as we can and, if we can, increase the height of the box as we progress.
  • Depth jump or jump of depth: In this case what we do is let us fall from a high point and immediately, when touching the ground, we jump as high as we can on a drawer, for example. Start by letting yourself fall from a not very high point and gradually increase the height of the exit point.
  • Kettlebell swing: if you notice, a lot of this movement simulates the swing we do when we want to jump and that’s why it helps us to increase our jumping power.
  • Clean: in the initial part of this movement we make a pull of the bar helping us with the legs and with an explosive movement of the hip . Usually all Olympic movements will help us, but this is the most accessible and simple.

As I say, there are other movements that can help us, but I would prioritize these as they are the ones that will give us the greatest transfer and results.

Images | Jakob Owens , Alora Griffiths and Meghan Holmes

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