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The best exercises you can do to strengthen your back and prevent injuries

The best exercises you can do to strengthen your back and prevent injuries

More than 80% of the population will suffer some episode of low back pain during their life and for this reason today we want to talk about how you can prevent and strengthen your back to avoid problems in this area .

To begin with, it should be mentioned that current medical treatments for the lower back only serve to mitigate pain and in most cases the best thing we can do is rest without stopping exercising and wait for the pain to go away on its own . And I say while exercising for which studies the exercise speeds recovery in contrast to the rest although obviously we will have to avoid exercises and movements that interfere with our injury and cause pain.

Therefore, whether you already suffer from back or just want to prevent pain the best thing you can do is physical exercise focusing on three fundamental points.

Joint mobility

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Many of the back problems appear due to lack of mobility in the hip . If your mobility and flexibility of this area is limited, due to not stretch properly or lead a sedentary life, you will end up compensating with an over-effort of the lower back and with the passage of time ends up in pain and discomfort.

To improve our mobility we must do hamstring stretching , the inner side of the adductors. Stretches such as the frog or frontal and lateral leg elevations will also help us improve mobility in the area, preventing and even reducing the pain of the area if they are already affected.

Women should also be careful with wearing heels for a long time as it is proven that it spoils the alignment of the back.

Strength training

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The stronger your back is, the less likely you are to suffer pain and injury, so strength training in the area will help you prevent pain.

Exercises such as chin- ups or deadlifts are essential. The latter, the deadlift, although it can be harmful, if done correctly is even recommended to recover from injuries to the lower back, therefore, it can not be lacking in our routine.

The abdominal muscles also play an important factor in preventing back injuries so it is also necessary to work the core correctly .

Blood circulation

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This is another important aspect when it comes to preventing and mitigating pain that I did not want to leave out of the article. Although our body has proven to be able to regenerate and repair itself, it is important that the blood flow is adequate and for that there is nothing better than aerobic exercise .

The simple act of doing a stationary bicycle for half an hour is able to reduce back pain . The same goes with walking or running. In the end, anaerobic exercise generally increases the amount of oxygen in the blood , in addition to making our heart beat faster, which results in improved blood flow that helps mitigate pain in the area by bringing nutrients to the body. through the blood .

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