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Be beautiful-five essentials of the week

Be beautiful: Five essentials of the week

As usual, we officially started the weekend with our best discoveries this week. Today I tell you what has become my favorite hairdresser of all time (and I assure you, you have to visit), in addition to a signing that has surprisingly enchanted me for halftime. For those who are in full operation bikini. I hope you like them !

A place

Coolday Madrid

Last week I went back to what has become my favorite hairdresser of all time (I have become faithful since I visited it for the first time, in the middle of last year and since then I have not let anyone else touch my hair), and I realized that I had not recommended it here. I talk to you about Coolday, a place where you mma your hair to the fullest, they advise you and help you so that your hair looks like never before . It has been a discovery for me, so I had to tell you about it, yes or yes. It’s in Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 89 in Madrid.

Some slippers

Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

You already know that from time to time I bring you products that are more than essential, they are famous for the media impact they have at that time … I guess it is a good way to know what the clones of the low cost brands are going to come from . Although they were launched last year and have run out several times , it seems that the boom by Triple S of Balenciaga has now come to our country and all influencers walk like crazy trying to get them (because yes, they are out again). Do not be surprised that it becomes ‘the footwear of this summer’ (irony mode on).

A plan


This weekend will take place ‘Poets 2018’ , the 13th Festival of contemporary poetic creation in the Matadero de Madrid. This year will feature international artists such as Joan La Barbara, Anne Waldman & Fast Speaking Music, Mexican Institute of Sound, Hollie Mcnish, Manuel García and Lixo Luxo Poetic, while national level will feature the great poet Leon Gamoneda, one of the most representative poets of our country and Premio Cervantes 2006. It will complete its programming with a set of facilities and participatory workshops for all audiences , so if you like this literary genre, you can not miss this appointment.

A signing


This week I saw a girl with a demi-season look and a raffia messenger bag that combined beautifully (I suppose that the summer desire must appear somewhere). The truth is that I finally found it and it’s from Zara (of course!) And it costs less than 30 euros . The truth is that I see many possibilities, what do you think ?.

A product

Biotherm Biovergetures

Surely there are many of us who are in full bikini operation, a time when we worry about losing weight and forget that the hated striae can appear in that way . One of my bedside products (which I discovered when I became pregnant) was the Biotherm Biovergetures , a fresh and light gel that moisturizes, prevents and diffuses these dreaded brands . Its formula contains shea butter, silicon algae and soybean oil … really, I recommend it !.

With which of our essentials do you stay?

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