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Babies can not go in the passenger seat but you can see them on TV

Babies can not go in the passenger seat but you can see them ‘on TV’

If you are not a parent, you may not appreciate this accessory in its proper measure. In fact, even if you have children, you may not have had to carry them in the back seat of the car with the chair in the opposite direction of the march . Why? Because it was normal to take the baby in front. But the norm regarding children in the front seat changed this month.

Children can no longer be carried in the passenger seat with very few exceptions. And of course, imagine what it is to take a baby looking all the time towards the back of the seat. It is normal to be nervous and complain. And the normal thing is that the father or mother also gets nervous, gets lost and even comes to look back at some point. Very dangerous.

One solution: put a camera that emits the images on the screen of the car’s navigator. Garmin has done it. The camera is powered by two AA batteries, attaches to the seat headrest and emits wirelessly on the browser screen. Capture images with a resolution of 640×480 (not much but more than enough), at 30 frames per second and has night vision.

Several babyCam can be combined by emitting on the same screen and can also be used for chairs placed in the direction of travel. It is compatible with several models of Garmin It will be available in January 2016 at a price of 200 dollars (about 180 euros).

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