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Hi, I am Nick! Apart from being a loving husband and a father of one, I dedicate myself to manage a company full time. Writing is my passion, I started writing a blog some 10 years ago, now reviving this passion again, I would love to express my views and takes on day to day stuff, hope you guys enjoy! Do share your thoughts.

The future was to ask our smart toilet to give us the music we want: this is Numi 2.0 from Kohler

We are seeing many devices enter the smart and integrate voice assistants and the CES is a silver tray for objects ( combs or mirrors) to do (or try) it. And finally, finally we can talk about an “intelligent” toilet and with Alexa. What a time to be alive. It is a product of the brand Kohler, …

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Purchase guide for compatible devices with your new Google Home and Google Home Mini

One of the great technological milestones of the past year has been the disembarkation of smart speakers, with Google Home being the first to do so. If you have already bought one or this Christmas you have been given the Google Home or the Google Home Mini, the next thing is …

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Buy an SD card: What you Need to Know Before Buying an SD Card

The SD cards are part of everyday life of our technology, and secure your camera or smartphone uses one of these. They began to be habitual a decade ago thanks to their small format and their great capacity, and since then they have become a fundamental part of many gadgets. Today we will …

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57 accessories for your new Nintendo Switch: covers, protectors, supports, power banks, SD cards and more

If this Christmas you have found the Nintendo Switch under a tree, in this purchase guide you will find a large number of accessories to enjoy and protect your new console. Covers, cases and transport bags The Nintendo Switch is a compact and versatile console that can be used both in the living …

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Analysis: The advantages of Turing reach the most economical RTX

The launch of the RTX 2000 family by NVIDIA has had a bittersweet reception: we have more power and the striking commitment to ray tracing and artificial intelligence, but the price of the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti with which the family debuted has been very criticized by users. NVIDIA nevertheless has been completing the range: …

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Technological Gift Guide for Children who arrive on time for Reyes: Robots, drones, STEM toys and more

The technology is attractive for children and adults. But if in addition to having fun, it is possible to learn and develop our skills, better than better. If we are looking for gifts for the Magi , we propose a complete selection of technological gadgets and STEM educational toys (an acronym from the …

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Purchase guide to achieve a minimalist desk: supports, strips, organizers and more

Although the saying “new year, new life” sounds too shocking, the reality is that many take advantage of the annual change to make a list of good purposes and, if you work every day at a desk, one of your goals may be to keep it organized. Clearing the work table …

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This Christmas triumphs at home with an ugly sweater: 31 geek ideas for the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is time to return home to be with yours, copious dinners, gifts and tacky jerseys, the umpteenth tradition for these days of late capitalism . Surely by this time of year you’ve seen many ugly Christmas sweaters, but our selection of Christmas sweaters have a geek point. Love for Christmas or bad taste? Be …

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How to know the health status of your Android battery and how you can lose capacity

Today we will explain how to know the health status of your Android battery and how you can lose capacity. With the passage of time, the battery of your mobile phone may begin to degrade and lose capacity, something against which we will not be able to do anything but monitor your …

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