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Why the World Needs More Innovative Co-Living Spaces

Co-living is fast becoming the way for people around the world to enjoy luxury living spaces at affordable prices. There is so much emphasis these days on the amount of space that one acquires and the rapid and unexpected change in people under 40. This is why share living has …

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How to Renovate Wooden Windows

How to Renovate Wooden Windows

Wooden window frames add a natural aesthetic to any building and when they are properly maintained they will last a lifetime. Over the centuries, the designs of windows have transformed in such a way that they add value to any building. More than aesthetics, they keep out storms, allow air …

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Fighting Obesity for Our Health and Our Lives

Let’s Get Well! Fighting Obesity for Our Health and Our Lives

You’ve been wanting to lose a few extra pounds for a few years. Now, your doctor is talking about triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, and maybe even diabetes. It’s time to get serious. This isn’t just about looking good in a swimsuit — this is about saving your life. It’s Important Obesity …

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Get Ready to Run Your House Off of Pig Poo

When you are a pig farmer, there is one thing you are guaranteed to have to deal with: poop and lots of it. Large scale hog farmers deal with massive amounts of pig poop, which ends up being thrown away or processed for manure. But what if there was more …

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True Beauty Sleep: How to Improve Sleep for a Youthful Glow

If you want to look and feel younger, you’re not going to find the answer at the bottom of a jar. A restful night’s sleep will take more years off your face than any cream, lotion, or gel. But if your nighttime routine involves too many stimulating and disruptive behaviors, …

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East Grand Rapids Yoga Studio for Hot Yoga

What would you say if you modeled your mind and body at the same time? Hot Yoga relaxes you and helps you lose weight. It increases flexibility, heats muscles and induces sweat. All of this contributes to calorie burning and cardiac activity. Also, the heat helps the body work faster, …

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What To Consider When Buying Rochester Used Cars

Rochester is one of the hottest places in New York when it comes to business – especially when we’re talking about used cars. What? Used cars? Why would I want other people’s hand-me-downs? Don’t be overly dramatic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying used cars unless you are going for …

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Top 5 US Cities to Move to for History Buffs

For any history buff, the act of moving to another city carries with it a single absolute requirement. The town must contain all the lore and attractions that make a historic city truly historic. Of course, such things as housing prices and weather and access to schools must be considered, …

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