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Do you apply the perfume well-We give you the 7 keys to get the most out of them

Do you apply the perfume well? We give you the 7 keys to get the most out of them

Maybe at this time many of you are reading this post with some skepticism. And you can think that there is not much mystery in applying a perfume, however there is, and how we do it, especially if we do it correctly, its duration will depend and we take full advantage of its aroma. Therefore, here are seven basic keys with which to live the perfume experiences much more intensely.

To each skin an aroma

There is a basic premise on the subject of perfume: its aroma depends on our skin. Therefore, not the most expensive will be the best, nor that we like a friend has why smell the same on our skin. Therefore, within the type that we like most (identify if we like more floral, woody, citrus, or whatever …) it is always better to try them on the skin and let them settle to better capture the result.

In addition, obviously you have to choose and apply the perfumes according to the situation: if it is day or night, the time of year with its corresponding weather and other circumstances.

The skin always clean and without fragrances

It seems obvious, but it has to be said. To get the most out of a perfume the skin has to be clean because, otherwise, if we have residues of previous, or other products with odor, it will not set so well nor unfold its true aroma that could be masked. In fact, you also have to have it hydrated so that it fixes better, but obviously, with a cream that does not have aroma.

When less is more

I do not know about you, but in my case I tend to overdo it with perfume sprays. It is true that we can differentiate between those softer aromas, the Eau de toilette, of what is properly an Eau de perfume, and that given its intensity, the former accept more quantity than the latter, but even so, I usually pass, what makes me overload with aroma.

Therefore, the key is to pulverize the right thing because if we pass, we make a big mistake. So, it is advisable that for the Eau de toilette we have enough with 4 or 5 times, and for the Eau de parfum with 2 or 3 light will be more than enough and always in more strategic places.

Choosing the correct place of application

Here, more or less we all have clear where to apply it since you have to look for the pulse and apply it to wrists, neck, behind the ears, neckline (curiously it is also said that in the back of the knees, ankles and in the fold of the arm, but personally I do not see it …) the places with greater affluence of blood that raises the corporal temperature, what favors that the perfume spreads with greater intensity.

Of course, please, don’t try to apply perfume on your hair (unless indicated), is not recommended. And it can cause, in addition to dryness, allergic reactions on the scalp, contact dermatitis or worsen existing cases of seborrheic dermatitis. So forget.

Walk towards the cloud

A very good option to apply the perfume is to change to the cloud, that is, to spray in the environment and get into the aromatic cloud to be homogenously impregnated, but its duration is more fleeting and requires more use of perfume, which it does not remove so that the aroma unfolds in a very subtle way. I usually do it with the most intense perfumes and I love it.

The rub is going to end

I already said that announcement of the 80, but it seems that we have not yet learned that we should not rub it. And we have this habit that when we apply it, especially in the wrists, we rub against each other and that can not be done because the molecules break and last less. So what you have to do is apply it at a safe distance and wait for it to dry completely.

Take care and pamper your perfume

It is important to take care of our perfumes, therefore, we should never have them, for example, in the bathroom . And is that so that they do not spoil or lose their charm, you have to have it in a place where they do not receive direct light and are at a constant average temperature. Therefore, it must be avoided that they are near the heating or in contact with humidity (as in a bathroom).

Bonus: and so that it lasts longer …

And to finish, we will do it with a little trick as a bonus. And is that perfuming after leaving the shower is the best time and that is when the pores are open and the perfume penetrates more into the skin and fixes it better.

Now we just have to put it into good practice and we will get the best out of our favorite aromas.

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