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Animal inspiration takes center stage in the walls of our home

Animal inspiration takes center stage in the walls of our home

As you all know, as far as decoration is concerned, the walls are a key element when it comes to creating style . When looking for ideas to decorate them there are many options, but in recent years, there is a trend that has been gaining strength and adding adepts: the ‘Animal deco’ .

For a while now, many people have chosen to decorate the different rooms of the house with animal motifs . This trend started with textiles and home clothes impregnated with the animal print of tiger, leopard or zebra and continued with the figures and furniture inspired by the most diverse fauna. Now the animals have come with strength to also dress the walls of the houses.

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To begin in the decoration with animal elements, it is not necessary to make a large economic investment or work needs to be done. There is a great variety of canvases, posters and posters to start creating your own style, like those of Posterlounge that you can see in the images in this article.

The most diverse ideas range from a safari at home with the most characteristic animals of the African savannah, to domestic animals such as dogs and cats, to birds, fish or even imaginary animals. The giraffes, the elephants, the zebras or the very king lion are interesting especially for those who seek an ethnic and tribal decoration , which has become very fashionable in recent years.

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Accustomed to seeing them roam around the house, now, dogs and cats have also made the leap to the walls. The world of decoration has irremediably succumbed to love and passion for pets. And it is not surprising, since that tenderness transmitted by dogs and cats is also transferred to the canvas and this at the time of decorating contributes to creating warm and relaxing spaces at the same time original and fun.

When thinking about birds, it is normal that the feeling of freedom comes to mind, especially when they are represented flying. And it is that feeling that is usually achieved when birds are present in decoration. In the immensity of the oceans and seas that bathe our planet you can find inspiration when making the most of the walls of the house. If something highlights the marine fauna is in the huge number of species that form it, but especially in its variety of colors.

And finally, if something has the decoration is that everything is possible in it, so opting for imaginary designs with unlikely animals can also be a good option that allows creating more dynamic and original spaces.

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