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Android Q : Everything You Need To Know

Android Q : Everything You Need To Know

The tenth version of Android will arrive this fall, and will bring important developments in areas such as innovation, privacy and security. That’s what we have secured the company responsible for Google I / O, we have highlighted some of the most striking options Android Q .

Android Q : Everything You Need To Know

Among them, the new dark mode that we can activate from the quick access menu has shone with its own light. In addition to this option we have access to the unique option of subtitles in real time (Live Captions) and new and interesting privacy options .

Android Q is now ready for folding screens and 5G connectivity

Those responsible for Google have taken advantage of this Google I / O 2019 to give us more clues than we can expect in Android Q, the tenth iteration of the Google mobile platform.

They also took the opportunity to talk about a singular milestone: Android is already in 2.5 billion active devices , an amazing number that shows the popularity of this platform.

In Android Q Google already offers native support for two important innovations that could take over the mobile market in the coming years. The first, the support of folding devices .

The Android interface adapts seamlessly to those phones and with the feature called “Continuity” allows us to continue using an application or game at the point we leave it when we fold or unfold the entire screen of the terminal.

Besides that in Android Q Google will offer native support for 5G networks , one of the technologies that will begin to make their appearance in the coming months and that will surely be crucial from 2020.

Dark mode comes to Android Q

Apart from those great options to support new technologies, Google also emphasized some of the most striking features of which Android Q will show.

Among these new features there is a high demand for users: the option to activate the dark mode with which we can in certain cases save battery and which is also a clear preference of the user community of Android devices when using certain applications or the whole interface in according to what situations.

We will also have access to the unique Live Captions feature with which subtitles are generated in real time in any video we are watching, and the surprising thing is that it works locally in the device: the demonstration that Google showed worked without problems while the mobile of test was in airplane mode, for example.

This option is great for users with certain disabilities, but it is also very useful in other scenarios, and joins others that Google has been introducing to improve the accessibility of its platform as Live Transcribe.

Another of the novelties that spoke on Google were the smart answers , which will now be available in all types of messaging applications and even suggest actions, such as pointing an address and sending it to Google Maps.

As with Live Caption, everything happens locally on the phone, there is no connection to the Google servers and automatic learning runs on the device itself, something that guarantees that the protection of privacy is total when using these features.

Android Q : Everything You Need To Know

Clear focus on protecting privacy

Precisely in that search for privacy protection Google has created new preferences in the configuration of the device that allow us to enable and disable all kinds of parameters.

Among those options are those that affect the location: Google will offer reminders that let us know if the device is registering our location or not so we can disable it if we have forgotten to do so and we do not want to register anymore. If an application needs access to our location, Android Q will notify us that it is doing so.

Android updates will also be affected by improvements in Android Q: some operating system modules can be updated in the background through OTA updates and transparently. They will simply be activated when we restart the device, and it is a project called “Mainline” that currently works with 14 modules.

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Parental controls finally integrated into Android

The “digital well-being” in which Google emphasized last year is also renewed with the new “Focus Mode” , a kind of “do not disturb” but with more granular controls that allow us to establish what applications we want not to bother us with notifications when we activate that mode. This option will be available in both Android Q and Android P this fall.

There is an important and interesting news for parents: the “Family Link” than before could be installed separately and provided various implementation options for parental control will now be integrated into Android Q. There are also many other new features such as a new user interface for gesture control, and little by little we will get to know more and more outstanding features of the new version of Google’s mobile platform.

Android Q Beta is also available for 21 devices from 12 manufacturers (including Google Pixel), and its release in the final version will occur in the fall, when predictably we know the new high-end terminals from Google.


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