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9 Best Android Pie Features You Should Try Now

9 Best Android Pie Features You Should Try Now

9 Best Android Pie Features You Should Try Now

According to the latest data, approximately 10% of all Android users are currently with the version of the cake, and the figure will not do more than rising in the coming months.

With each major version, the same cycle is repeated: many months pass from being announced until it becomes official, so it is easy not to remember what you had again when you finally have it on your mobile. If this is your case, here we summarize nine best Android 9 Pie features that you can try now.

1. Gesture Navigation

The Gestures Navigation is one of the major changes Pie Android, although it is not mandatory. If you do not have it activated on your mobile after updating, you can do so by activating it from the settings.

This gesture navigation means a change in the way to open the application drawer, as well as to see recent applications and change from one to another. These are the main gestures available in Android Pie:

  • Open the application drawer. Swiping up from the home screen.
  • Show recent applications. Sliding up, but stopping in the middle of the screen.
  • Switch to the previous application. Sliding the start button quickly to the right.
  • Close an application. From the recent view, sliding your preview up.

2. Digital Well-Being

The Digital Well-being of Android Pie was initially launched as a function for Pixel phones, but over time it has also ended up coming to Android One terminals or with third-party layers. It is a kind of control panel to control and limit the use you make of mobile. If you want, of course.

The “digital well-being” of Android Pie has its own menu of the same name in the Android settings, from where you can activate the limits of time of use, activate the sleep mode or review how much time you have spent using each application.

3. Battery and Intelligent Brightness

Android Pie is “smarter” than its predecessors, and the best proof of it is these two related innovations: battery and intelligent brightness. The best part is that you do not have to do anything else than check if you have activated it in the battery and brightness section of the options. 9 Best Android Pie Features You Should Try Now

Both options use artificial intelligence so that the device adapts to our needs. The smart battery focuses on battery saving by prioritizing the apps we use the most, while intelligent brightness learns your screen brightness preferences so you can barely make modifications manually.

4. App Actions

Another point where Android Pie applies artificial intelligence is in-app actions. They are integrated into the top of the Pixel Launcher applications drawer so you might be missing if your Android Pie is based on another layer.

App actions are concrete task suggestions that Android thinks you would like to carry out at a certain moment, after learning how you use your device over time. For example, “call mom” or “play music” or check the “routes home”.

5. Volume Control

Android Pie changes how volume control works, which can be confusing for those who have just upgraded. When pressing the volume buttons what is changed by default is the multimedia volume instead of the volume of the ring tone, as in previous versions.

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This change will be the taste of some and a dislike for others, but in return, Android Pie is able to remember the desired volume level for different Bluetooth devices paired with the terminal.

6. Better Messaging Notifications

Android Pie adds a more visual and complete preview of the notifications of the messaging applications, with the possibility of including photos and stickers in the notifications themselves. This new feature requires developers to integrate it into their applications, so only a few apps so far are making the most of it.

9 Best Android Pie Features You Should Try Now

Be that as it may, after upgrading to Android Pie you may notice that notifications from messaging apps have a slightly different style. Another related novelty is the intelligent integrated responses, although at the moment it does not seem to be activated in Spanish.

7. Menu to Block the Terminal

In Android Pie, you can add an additional item to the off-menu: the Block button. This button means that you cannot unlock the phone with fingerprint or Smart Lock, but you must use the PIN or password.

The Lock menu is not active at the factory, but you must go to the Android settings> Security and location and enter Settings of the lock screen. There you can activate it in Show blocking option.

8. Editing Screenshots

Android Foot adds a new way of taking screenshots: from the shutdown menu, which will sometimes be easier than trying to do yoga with your fingers to press the power buttons and lower the volume.

For the first time in pure Android, the edition of screenshots is also included, accessible from the notification just after taking it. It is a very simple editor, but with the necessary in most cases: cut and handwritten drawings.

9. Rotation from The Navigation Bar

If you are one of those who have the mobile with the screen rotation locked most of the time, this will probably become one of your favorite novelties: the button to rotate the screen from the navigation bar.

This rotates button appears only when the system detects that the mobile is rotated but the locked rotation prevents the screen from turning. In practice, it will save you many times having to activate and deactivate screen rotation manually.

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