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Adapting the seasonal decoration with light boxes

In these days before Christmas, we are all full of small decorative changes at home to adapt to the coming holidays. Increasingly we are concerned with modifying the decoration based on the season and based on the moments we are living and each time, also, there are more possibilities for it.

Today we focus on Kitkasa light boxes, made 100% handmade, made with wood in your workshop using quality materials and as far as possible from km 0.


An adorable moment that we want to remember, a phrase that inspires us, a message for our guests … The light boxes allow us to shine in the corner of our choice the reason we want at each moment.

We just have to think about what the image is or what is the text that we want to have well present at a given time and give it the prominence it deserves through the frame and the lighting.

Sweet Dreams

On the other hand, Christmas is a time for gifts and in this sense also light boxes can be a good option. An original and different way to express feelings and have a nice detail with a loved one. Surely many take note to ask for one in his letter to the Magi.

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