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How to activate the WhatsApp two-step verification

How to activate the WhatsApp two-step verification

If always having control of your WhatsApp account is important to you, a good idea is to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp . The function exists since the beginning of 2017 and is somewhat different from what we are used to in two-step verification.

This two step verification only protects the registration of your phone number in another terminal, and the second step is a PIN code that you choose yourself when activating the function, instead of being an SMS or a code in an app like Authenticator. Although WhatsApp calls it verification in two steps, in truth it is more a protection for the registration of your phone.

Protect your WhatsApp account


If you want to add a security layer added to your WhatsApp account, with the two-step verification you can make sure that no one can register your phone number in another account, even if you can use methods to receive the verification code. To activate two-step verification, tap the WhatsApp menu button and choose Settings .


You must go to the first option in the list, Account . After all, that’s what protects verification in two steps, your account. Remember that this does not protect your chats as long as anyone with physical access to your mobile, if unlocked, can open WhatsApp and read their messages.


In the options for account, tap Verification in two steps . Other messaging applications, such as Signal , call this registry lock PIN protection, a name that makes more sense.


The configuration wizard of the verification in two steps of WhatsApp will then be opened. The first step is the simplest one: all you have to do is tap Activate to start the process.


Now comes the most important part: the six-digit PIN code. You will be asked for this PIN code the next time you want to use this phone number in WhatsApp (for example, if you change your phone), so use a number that you will not forget. You will need to confirm it by writing it twice.


If you want, you can add an email address, which you must also type twice to confirm it. It is optional, but it will be used in case you forget the PIN code the next time you try to reinstall WhatsApp.


Already it is . Your WhatsApp account now has an additional protection with which no one can use your phone number without knowing the PIN code you used. If at any time you change your mind, go back to this menu, where you can also deactivate the verification in two steps.

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