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How to activate the side keyboard of the iPhone to write with one hand

How to activate and use the “kaomoji” on your iPhone

The hundred emojis and the fifteen Animoji have not been able to eradicate the origin of these icons: the kaomoji. Born in the mid-eighties in Japan, they reside hidden in all Apple iOS devices. Discover here how to activate and use kaomoji on your iPhone .

Activate the Japanese keyboard to send kaomiji

Once you know the trick, it is quite simple to use. To activate the kaomoji keyboard on your iPhone, you must go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Add new keyboard. Here you will have to look for the Japanese keyboard and choose the Rumaji mode .


Now you have it enabled on your iOS device. To start using it, go to any app where you can type text, such as Messages, WhatsApp or Notes. There follow these steps :

  • Hold the button with the world ball and choose the keyboard with Asian characters. You can also touch this button several times until the keyboard appears.
  • Click on the button with the numbers “123”.
  • Find the key with the symbols “^ _ ^” and there the kaomoji will be displayed.

Here you can choose from dozens of kaomoji symbols . From ( ‘▽’ ) and (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), passing through (^ ○ ^) and many others. Of course, you will not find all the existing kaomoji. For example, the famous one who shrugs is missing.

Keep in mind that these are Japanese symbols that are found inside your own keyboard. If you usually alternate between several when writing, you will have added an additional touch to the keyboard language change. Something that can end up being annoying.

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