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From abandoned garage to beautiful garden house

From abandoned garage to beautiful garden house

Converting an abandoned garage into a beautiful garden house has been the task of the architects of the Act_Romegialli studio, who have managed to transform the space completely but respecting the essence of the original structure.

Located on the slopes of the Italian Alps, this garage was the annex of a summer house, although its use had been relegated to storage. However, after the renovation, it is now a perfect place to celebrate meals in the garden and meet to spend the warm summer evenings surrounded by greenery.

Garden house 2

Conserving practically the entire structure of stone walls and concrete forging, the intervention has focused on creating a new skin from a sub-structure of galvanized iron profiles that allows the vegetation to grow around the whole house, with different types of climbers that ensure a constant but varied vegetation throughout the year.

But beyond the incredible effect that creates the envelope of this small house, all an apology of the garden facades, what I find even more interesting is how well they have chosen the materials to rejuvenate the interior and adapt it to its new use.

Garden house 3

Thus, the existing stone and concrete has been combined with a floor of recycled wood planks from other works, while the same galvanized steel has been used for the exterior structure for the windows and also for the large kitchen worktop that dominates the central space.

This space is accessed directly from the outside, as it occupies the place where the car had previously been parked, only now the pergola is closed by these galvanized steel doors and a system of folding windows on the countertop.

house garden 4

I especially like how the reflection of the crystals gives the feeling that the paved floor leading to the entrance continues inside the house, as well as that it can be seen through, from one side to the other, creating a spatial fluidity who invites to enter.

Nor could I miss some details of the kitchen, which has a touch of rustic and industrial mix very attractive, something that is especially appreciated in the taps, composed of two stopcocks and two pieces of pipe that are joined in one for form a tap as simple as sculptural.

House garden 5

In addition to the main area, the house has a small more private space which is accessed through a sliding door made of wood and galvanized steel. Here we find a small dining room with views of the mountain through a large window that makes its way through the dense vegetation.

Undoubtedly a great job of the architects who have transformed this abandoned garage into a beautiful garden house to which I would move right now to spend all summer.

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