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4 Simple DIY's to make this weekend

4 Simple DIY’s to Make this Weekend

There is something wonderful about curious and creative people, and that is that their vision in front of the decoration of the home goes a little further; They do not just buy decorative items, they also enjoy making their own. You only need to observe everyday objects or certain materials to start thinking: what could you do with this? And they take action; They invent , create and decorate.

Luckily for people who do not have as much imagination, or rather laziness to develop it, there are web pages that we put on a platter so we can encourage ourselves to try new crafts to decorate our house. If you have entered eager to get to work, do not miss this article that I bring 4 simple projects DIY ( Do It Yourself ) to decorate your home.

# 1 Clay bowls as jewelers

This DIY tutorial is very simple and it looks really nice. To put it into practice you need:

  • White clay drying outdoors.
  • One or several bowls of different sizes that you already have at home.
  • brush .
  • Acrylic paint of the colors that you want.
  • knife or spatula to cut the clay.
  • A pastry roll.

Stretch the clay with a pastry roll to create a flat layer with a thickness between 5 mm and 1 cm. Then, take the bowl and put it face down on the clay to cut it with its shape. Grab the piece of circular clay and introduce it into the bowl to give it the same shape with the help of your fingers. Let the clay dry overnight, and in the morning, you can remove the piece from the bowl and paint it.

And best of all: to be round and use it as a jeweler is just a suggestion, from there, use the white clay to give it the shape and utility you want!

diy projects

# 2 Mirror, mirror …

Let’s go for the second DIY! This time, a mirror to hang from the wall of your bedroom or hall. It is also very easy to do, but we need more budget.


  • wooden cutting board that has a circular shape and handle. Otherwise, you can do without the handle and make a hole to hang the rope or, well, hang it without a rope.
  • mirror that has the same circular shape as the wooden board, but of smaller diameter.
  • Painting of two colors.
  • Brush.
  • Adhesive or painter tape to divide the area to be painted.
  • Adhesive adhesive  strong enough to stick a mirror.
  • Sandpaper.

Paint the edge of the wooden board in two different colors that contrast with each other. Take this opportunity to remind you that it is an ideal craft to do with Chalk Paint. Once the paint dries, smooth the surface and stick the mirror with the glue indicated for it. Finally, we tie the string to hang it from the wall. It can be rope, leather or other material that you like.

# 3 Geometric coasters

The coasters are something they have every household, but, however, there is always some time that we need. To give you a solution, I encourage you to do this DIY. You need:

  • Corkboard.
  • Scissors or cutter.
  • Acrylic paint or Chalk Paint.
  • Brush.
  • Bodybuilder tape to divide the space to paint.
  • hexagonal template , printed on a paper.

Extend the cork sheet and, with the help of the template, trace over it as many hexagons as you want. Once drawn, cut them out . The bodybuilder’s tape will help you to divide the areas to be painted. In this case, the hexagon is divided into 3 equal areas, of which 2 are painted in different colors and the third remains natural. How about?

# 4 Hang your plants!

If you already have plants at home, you will love this DIY idea, and if not, you will start putting them because, as I have mentioned several times in other articles, having plants at home is good for your physical and mental health. It’s about making a pot hanger with cloth or an old shirt, which is practically the same. You need:

  •  An old shirt or a trapillo coil.
  •  Scissors.
  • The pot you want to hang to use as a reference.

In this case I recommend you follow the step by step of the images, which does not have much mystery. Just go knotting between the different strips of trapillo.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you dare to put some into practice?

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