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17 recipes that can help you end fluid retention

17 recipes that can help you end fluid retention

The retention of liquids is a frequent problem, especially when high climatic temperatures are present. The diet can be a great ally when preventing its development as well as to combat its presence . Therefore, below we leave 17 recipes that can help you end up with fluid retention .

An adequate intake of water , as well as the reduction of salt and sugar consumption can be of great help to counteract fluid retention in body tissues, therefore, we have selected the following recipes that can help in these cases:

Salty dishes against liquid retention

Although we must reduce the consumption of salt considerably, it will be enough not to resort to ultra processes or add table salt to the meals to achieve a real change. Vegetables and some fruits such as tomatoes naturally contain sodium as well as fish and shellfish, so they give salty flavor to the dishes without promoting retention but quite the opposite, as they also offer a high water content .

Thus, some salty dishes (but not so much) recommended to end with the retention of liquids are:

  • Quinoa, chicken and vegetable salad : we recommend avoiding the addition of salt to this salad rich in fiber, potassium and water that will help revert fluid retention while refreshing and feeding healthy.
  • Cold cream of carrots and mango : many carotenes with antioxidant effect in this recipe but also, with ingredients with a diuretic effect such as ginger , celery and water.
  • Light salad of cous cous, mango and mint : all nutritious ingredients, high water content and many of them with high potassium contribution that will help balance the possible high concentrations of sodium that can be the cause of fluid retention.
  • Eggplant in tomato curry and coconut sauce : for a meal or dinner this preparation in which we recommend avoiding honey from the recipe is a very good alternative, satiating and full of water as well as low in sodium content that will favor the hydration of the body.
  • Tabule de cauliflower : with many herbs that provide antioxidants to the recipe and also have a diuretic effect , this taboulé can be ideal to stop the inflammation of the fluid retention.
  • Cold avocado and cucumber cream : a simple dish, refreshing and full of water and good nutrients that can be very helpful in reversing retention.
  • Carpaccio of zucchini with orange : a very simple preparation , fresh and with high water content that can help us to reverse the retention of liquids even if we do not have time to elaborate complex dishes.
  • Salad of oranges and strawberries : the less feta cheese we use in this dish, the less sodium it will have. It is a great source of vitamin C and other antioxidants and high water content so it is a very light recipe to enjoy as an entree, dinner or garnish.
  • Lettuce tacos with lentils : a preparation with a lot of potassium , fiber, good fatsthat can help prevent the inflammation proper to the retention of liquids and also, a lot of water to favor the elimination of water from the body through urine.
  • Cold soup of leek, apple and yogurt : ideal for a light dinner if we serve large portions or as a starter of a more complete menu, because this cold soup is very moisturizing and therefore, allied to the moment of eliminating liquids from the body.

As we can see, none of the recipes includes processed, that is, avoids all kinds of preserves, cheeses, sauces or commercial dressings that can contain sugar and sodium in high proportions, as well as dispensing with smoked products, cold meats and sausages in general.


Sweet preparations that help you finish the retention

Just like sodium, sugar is an enemy when fighting against fluid retention. However, it is important to distinguish between free or added sugar and natural sugar from fruits, for example, which are accompanied by potassium, water, fiber and other beneficial nutrients.

So, some sweet preparations that can help against fluid retention are:

  • Smoothie vegan bowl of pineapple and coconut with red fruits : with lots of potassium and ingredients that have high fiber and water, this ideal breakfast shake is a good option if we try to reverse the retention.
  • Green smoothie for breakfast : it is a very light milkshake , with high water content and that can accompany very well both a toast at breakfast and a light meal.
  • Fruit skewers : for a dessert or as a snack between meals this recipe offers a different way of including fresh fruits to the diet that preserve all their fiber, water and other healthy nutrients.
  • Banana ice cream and coconut milk : a very healthy dessert , with water in high proportions and a lot of potassium that can help us to compensate the possible excess of sodium that causes the retention of liquids.
  • Smoothie or pineapple, mango and coconut shake : to hydrate at any time of the day while adding good nutrients, this shake is a very good alternative in the framework of a diet against fluid retention .
  • Acai bowl : a preparation filled with polyphenols with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as high-water content ingredients that can help reverse fluid retention.
  • Watermelon and mint lemonade: a very healthy drink in which we recommend avoiding the brown sugar in the recipe to make it even more useful against retention.

Choosing fresh food always, many fruits and vegetables and avoiding the processed as well as the ultraprocessed ones, we can already achieve a diet based on real food that helps against fluid retention .

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