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15 minutes to get fit at Christmas: Cardio training in the lounge

To continue with the series of training for this Christmas today we are going for 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises that we can do at home without any need for equipment.

As always, we will structure the training as a Tabata so you can regulate the duration and intensity to your liking. If your level is good and you can hold it you can stretch the training until 16 minutes. If you see that it’s a lot for you, doing two laps to the next circuit, it’s enough to do eight minutes of work.

After seeing how to do an arms workout at homelegs and abdomen we will see how we can accelerate our body with cardiovascular training. As always there will be four exercises of which we will do 20 seconds of work and 10 of rest for each of them.

Running on site 20 seconds 10 seconds
Jumping Jacks 20 seconds 10 seconds
Scaler 20 seconds 10 seconds
Burpees 20 seconds 10 seconds

Running on site

We stand upright in a comfortable position with the arms placed next to the body and begin by raising one knee alternately and moving the arms at the same pace as if we were running.

We have to avoid arching the back forward during the movement, keep it straight and upright at all times and above all, make the movement quickly and explosively during the 20 seconds of work. It is also important to raise the legs enough so that the knee reaches, at least, at the height of the hip at an angle of about 90 degrees.

Jumping Jacks

We start standing, with our feet together and our arms close to our bodies, and with a leap we separate our legs and carry our arms over our heads. Then, we take another jump and return to the starting position to end the repetition. I have chosen the classic jumping jack for this training but we can take any variant.

Remember to bend the knees slightly to cushion the fall and fall on the toes so that the entire impact does not fall on our knees.


Besides continuing to accelerate our body we will work our abdomen and arms doing climber or mountain climbers. Remember that the body should be in a straight line from heels to head.

The movement must be fast and explosive approaching each knee alternately to the elbow on its side as much as possible while the other leg serves as support. You should not keep both legs on the ground at any time, the change should be quick.


We finished a return to the circuit with the beloved / hated burpees. This exercise is very complete and demanding at the same time, so in the end it will be an extra effort.

We start the exercise standing in a comfortable position and we bring our hands to the height of our feet, at the same time giving a small jump with these to quickly get into the position of flexion. We make a flexion touching the floor with the chest and after another jump we return to a position where our feet are at the height of our hands and from there we give a jump and a slap over the head. Remember that you must do the maximum number of repetitions possible in the 20 seconds of work.

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