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13 healthy recipes for a summer picnic

13 Healthy Recipes for a Summer Picnic

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors this season loading a basket and a summer picnic , you should know that here we must not neglect the quality of the diet, so we leave 13 healthy recipes for the occasion:

Savory dishes ideal to enjoy outdoors

If as you are a lover of salty dishes, you can make some of the following healthy recipes ideal for outdoor enjoyment, easy to move and that go very well in the hot season:

  • Mediterranean bread of sesame and oregano : with a lot of aroma and flavor we can make this bread that will go very well with a cheese or also, with some homemade dips or sauces that we can load in our basket to complete a tasty summer picnic.
  • Ethiopian eggplant dip : to accompany the bread from the previous recipe, or some cheese sticks or toasted bread toast we can make this dip full of spices rich in potassium, calcium, antioxidants, vegetable iron and B vitamins .
  • Fusilli salad with mozzarella and tuna : a fresh recipe complete with healthy fats, quality proteins and complex carbohydrates that we can take advantage of only at a picnic but also in a tupper to eat at work.
  • Salted tuna and rice cake with feta cheese : this cake is an excellent option to enjoy on a summer picnic, as it is not only complete in macronutrients but also rich in potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid and magnesium .
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  • Asturian-style bonito roll : this recipe has enchanted me and goes very well with fresh green vegetables , as it offers quality proteins, antioxidants, good fats, vitamin C, potassium and fiber to the body.
  • Tortilla with green asparagus, almonds and Manchego cheese : a super easy and quick recipe but with fiber, calcium and potassium in large quantities, also very satiating due to the presence of good proteins derived from the egg.
  • Avocado Hummus : homemade dips and sauces are always welcome in summer picnics to accompany breads, toasts or others, and this time we found this hummus of avocado rich in potassium and vitamin E as well as calcium, very healthy and summery. quality fats and vegetable proteins. We could also make hummus with vegetables to take in our basket.
  • Bites of tuna and potatoes : to eat with your hand, cold or warm these snacks with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and quality proteins are an excellent option that children will love to make and taste.
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Sweet recipes for our summer picnic

Although we always carry several salty dishes, we can also add nutritious, fresh and sweet preparations to our picnic basket like the ones shown below:

  • Summer fruit salad : rich in fiber, antioxidants and water, this salad can be ideal to refresh ourselves in a summer picnic while we taste a sweet dish with valuable nutrients for the organism.
  • Fresh fruit lollipops : if there are children at the picnic this is the ideal preparation that is made only by cutting fruit and pricking it on a skewer. We can make them from watermelon, melon, pineapple, banana, kiwi or other fruits and they will only provide fiber, water, vitamins and minerals with totally natural sugars.
  • Carrot, oat and almond chocolates : for the sweet tooth this is an excellent option, satiating for its fiber and proteins and also, rich in carotenes, calcium, potassium and B complex vitamins.
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  • Glasses of mango, yogurt and chia seeds : easy to move and make the glasses are a very good option to carry in our picnic basket. We can make several fruits, with yogurt, cheese and other ingredients. In this case we have quality proteins, calcium, carotenes, vitamin C, healthy fats and lots of fiber .
  • Skewers of fresh fruit : this is an option that will also please the kids of the picnic and that is very easy to make because we only have to choose our fresh fruit and prick them on a skewer in large pieces. Thus, we will have a nutritious and light sweet to taste.

We already see that it is not difficult to prepare healthy dishes for a summer picnic , we just have to choose seasonal ingredients and think of preparations that we can move, that are nutritious and suitable for eating outdoors without too many complications.

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