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12 Simple Tips That Will Help You Save Money Day by Day

12 Simple Tips That Will Help You Save Money Day by Day

Today’s life with all the expenses that are associated with it, can be really expensive!

For this reason we must do everything possible to always try to save in all aspects of life that we can. Therefore today, we leave you this list with 12 tips that will help you save money to enjoy later on the things worthwhile !

1. Clean your browsing history

When you buy online and want to compare prices of different things, make sure to erase your history, cookies and cache. Companies (especially airlines) follow your searches based on your history and cache, and raise the prices of things from your latest searches and interests. Also, when you pay online we recommend doing it through the guest option and not your account, since generally the new users have lower prices or promotions and discount codes.

2. Lower the brightness of your computer and television

This, in addition to helping your health, can reduce your energy consumption level by 40%! Thus ending up saving you a handsome amount of money. 

3. Carry large bills

Studies show that when you pay in cash you tend to spend less than with a card. The reason is because you are seeing right there what you are spending when you use cash. And if you want to save even more money, we recommend you take large bills as it costs more to use them and that can help you avoid impulse purchases.

4. Wait until the end of the month to make large purchases

Sellers must always comply with a certain amount of sales per month, so we recommend you wait until the end of the month to make large purchases since you can save a lot. This happens because if a seller has had a slow month in sales, at the end of the month, he will be willing to give you a discount to get more sales (and meet your goals). This happens especially with car dealers.

5. Paint your white roof

Painting your white roof can save you a lot of money. The traditional ceilings are dark and black, and as we know these colors absorb more heat. Therefore, if you have a dark ceiling, you will be absorbing and spending more energy than if you have a white ceiling.

6. Prepare your own coffee

Instead of spending $3 in a café or a store, try to prepare your coffee in your own home as this will help you save a lot of money every month!

7. Become a flexitarian

The term flexitarian refers to someone who is flexible with their way of feeding. That does not mean you should become a vegetarian, but you can reduce your meat consumption a bit. The meats are quite expensive, so if you intend to eat without meat 2 or 3 times a week you will realize that you can save a lot of money.

8. Generic purchase

Did you know that many brands sell products that are exactly the same as those of generic brands? You can save a lot of money simply if you buy things in more generic stores instead of in more known and specialized brand outlets.

9. Buy a water filter

You would be surprised to know how much is spent each year on bottled water. If you buy a water filter you can save a lot of money and also receive many benefits. Filtered water can be better for your health than the spring water of the bottles, and also much cheaper.

10. Perform daily exercises

Studies show that doing exercises several days a week, decreases your trips to the doctor, which can save you a lot of money in the future.

11. Drink water before eating

Many people eat too much because they confuse thirst with hunger. If you drink water before eating it will make you eat just what you need, and that will probably help you eat and spend less.

12. Ask and you will receive

Many companies, brands and stores have some promotions that will help you save money, but sometimes they do not offer them. For that reason, we recommend you ask if they have, since you do not lose anything!

Guys, this is all for today. Hope you liked our post about 12 simple tips that will help you save money day by day. Don’t forget to share your feedback. And Subscribe to receive all our latest updates.



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