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essential tools for homeowners

12 Essential Tools for Homeowners

Home Projects: 12 Essential Tools for Homeowners

If you just got yourself a new home and wonder how to make it a palace of your dreams, then as a necessity, you should get yourself the essential tools for homeowners. These tools will make you ready to perform home improvement projects on your own.

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1. Safety Equipment

essential tools for homeowners

You should always keep safety equipment close to all the tools. Some basic safety items would be enough to provide you with the required protection. Get some basic ear safety, plastic gloves, dust masks and a google for your own protection.

2. Drills

essential tools for homeowners

In order to prepare yourself for all kinds of home repair jobs, you should get your hands on a good drill. Do remember to get a few selected drill bits that suit your needs. A few good brands are Milwaukee, Bosch and Black & Decker.

3. Electric Extension Cord essential tools for homeowners

An extension cord is also a handy item for you beginner tool-kit. It is really useful to get light to dark parts of the house. It can also be used outdoors for parties and other home improvement projects.

4. Adjustable Wrench

essential tools for homeowners

An adjustable wrench will be your long-term partner, as the name suggests, it can be adjusted and used to fit a variety of nuts and bolts. If you want a more handy companion, then look for the one that retches automatically. You won’t even have to remove it from the bolt for tightening.

5. Scraper

essential tools for homeowners

There are place where your knife won’t work much, choose a good scraper for scrapping surfaces. It will help you remove paint and dirt.

6. Hammer

essential tools for homeowners

You should look for two hammers in the start. A light one to work on smaller drives, like tacks and pins. And a heavy one for drilling bigger nails. Select the one with a claw to pluck out any unwanted nails.

7. Ladder

essential tools for homeowners

Choose a small ladder for all the work that needs height. It will help you do anything on the ceiling, from changing bulbs to removing dust.

8. Hacksaw

essential tools for homeowners

A nice cutting tool is also among the essential tools that all homeowners should own. It will help you in cutting plastic pipes, wood, ducts, tubes and other items.

9. Set of Screwdrivers

essential tools for homeowners

A set of screwdrivers will help you open up anything with screws. Even if you have a drill with screwdriver heads, getting a set will save you much time. If you wanna save some space in your toolkit, look for a single one with changeable heads.

10. Set of Small Items essential tools for homeowners

Your tool-kit must also have a good supply of nails, bolts, nuts, and generally used screws. Choose a good tool box that has different compartments for different items. It will save you a lot of time.

11. Utility Knife 

essential tools for homeowners

A good knife will help you in opening up boxes, cutting down tubes and bottles, removing or scrapping material. Choose a sharp one with a normal size.

12. Measuring Tape 

This is the most handy tool and will give you good purpose while taking dimensions of anything. Get your hands on a lockable and retractable measuring tape. For starters, a suitable size would be 30 yards.

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