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11 Board Games That You Can Enjoy On Your Table

11 Board Games That You Can Enjoy On Your Table

Accustomed to everything that revolves around a successful franchise is an excuse sacacuartos, we often miss opportunities that really are worthwhile. With that in mind, if I talk about table games based on videogames it is quite likely that you raise your eyebrows. But to show a button, or rather, 11 games that have made the jump from the PC and consoles to the dining table.

Here we leave some of the best proposals that have given the binomial games and video games. A curious and effective way to bring the gameplay of great sagas, titles or mechanics, from the digital to the physical world. And, of course, also a different way to enjoy your favorite video games from a different perspective.

Bloodborne, The Card Game

  • Players:3-5
  • Duration of game:30-50 min.


Based on the popular exclusive PS4, here the idea is to become one of the hunters of the ‘Bloodborne’ from From Software to survive the long night of Yharnam. One of those games easy to prepare, with a multitude of variants so that two games in a row are not boring and, above all, much more affordable than the game regarding its difficulty.

Final Monster

  • Players:2-4
  • Duration of game:20 min.


In spite of not being a game that drinks directly from a videogame in concrete, it does it of a whole time in which we crossed dungeons of 8 bits until crossing us with the final monster. The big difference is that this time we will be that last boss, having to build the best possible dungeon to kill the heroes who come in our search.

Civilization: A New Dawn

  • Players:2-4
  • Duration of game:60-120 min.


Undoubtedly a work of titans, and that is to transfer the essence of a game as deep as ‘Civilization’ is not easy. Interestingly, the work of its creators lies precisely there, in taking the mechanics of war, diplomacy and technological advances of the game of Sid Meier and reduce them to its minimum expression to create a table game as enjoyable as easy to tackle.

Dark Souls: The Board Game

  • Players:1-4
  • Duration of game:90-120 min.


Although a couple of points below the expertise with which moved ‘Bloodborne’ and a coffee-based whim for very coffee because of its prohibitive price, is one of those games that any fan of From Software will appreciate. Following the same risk and reward maxim as any ‘Dark Souls’, this is a game whose aesthetic value and the strategy of the combats are its greatest asset.

Doom: the board game

  • Players:2-5
  • Duration of departure:120-180 min.


‘Doom’ is one of those games capable of generating epic spikes thanks to its cooperative / competitive style. While one of the players will be releasing hordes of demons, the rest will have to fight them to try to survive. An agile and fun pastime that will delight all those who seek a more tactical version of the id Software game.

Gears of War: The Board Game

  • Players:1-4
  • Duration of game:60-180 min.


Over the years has become another of those games that are sold at the price of gold. A claim for collectors that, based on miniatures, must fight against the Locust reliving some of the most mythical missions of the original trilogy of ‘Gears of War’. If you find it at a good price, jump headfirst for it.

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

  • Players:2-4
  • Duration of game:30-45 min.


A fantastic version of the well-known ‘Portal’ that, fortunately, also knows how to transfer its particular humor to its letters and mechanics. Here the idea is to take our subject of tests until the end of the test, but avoiding the traps and challenges that will cross the road to try to leave us without our precious cake.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Crash Course

  • Players:2-4
  • Duration of departure:30-40 min.


The ideal option of the list if among the players a child can be added. Recommended after eight years, the idea is to live a race between the characters of the game of the hedgehog with a particularity that brings it closer to the sensations experienced in Megadrive: we will only know what comes next when we already have the danger or the prize over.

This War of Mine

  • Players:1-6
  • Duration of departure:45-120 min.

With ‘This War of Mine’ we find one of the great jewels on the list. Not only is it a very entertaining board game, it is also a good example of the extent to which the narrative of the game can be transferred to other media. Collect resources, set up your refuge and, as a culmination, follow the instructions of the story by making decisions as if you were before a book of choosing your own adventure.

Uncharted: The Board Game

  • Players:1-4
  • Duration of game:45 min.


Another candy for the collectors that have catapulted it at a price that triples the original amount. In ‘Uncharted’, with the search of treasures by the flag, we find an experience closer to a game of Magic than what we would normally find in the saga of videogames. With a heavyweight in combat – including final bosses – it’s worth giving it a shot if you ever find one at a good price.

XCOM: The Board Game

  • Players:1-6
  • Duration of game:60-120 min.

We closed with another one of the jewels of the crown, the fantastic adaptation of the strategy of ‘XCOM’ to the board. Its great advantage is, however, in the mobile, and is that thanks to a useful companion free app we will control the enemy’s turns, the times and the tracks necessary to carry out the counterattack against the aliens. An addition that brings a more agile and random touch to already very entertaining games.

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