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10 Tips for Compound Crossbow Safety

Crossbows have been used since ancient times, dating back to 600 BC when they were used in warfare in China. Since then crossbows have evolved significantly. The compound crossbow is a modern crossbow which has short and sturdy limbs. They are compact and easy to maneuver and produce high velocity and kinetic energy while firing arrows. It has since then evolved and have now become a prime choice for hunters. The article provides tips for ensuring safety while using compound crossbows.

Tips for Safety

Like any hunting weapon, compound crossbows should be handled with care. The energy stored in the limbs and the strings should not be messed with. If not managed safely, compound crossbows can cause severe damage to the users. Some of the key considerations for safely using the compound crossbows are follows:

1. Don’t Walk with Cocked and Loaded Crossbow

The crossbow should not be cocked and loaded and kept for long. It can invite dangers and can cause damages due to accidental firing of the arrow. The arrow should be loaded and cocked only when the shooter is ready to fire the crossbow.

 2. Always Discharge the Crossbow

The crossbow should never be kept cocked for extended time periods. The limbs and strings store significant amount of energy and the crossbow is designed to remain cocked and under pressure for short time period only. The crossbow should never be left cocked for long or overnight. It should always be discharged after every use for ensuring safety and its longevity.

3. Secure the Target Before Shooting

It is important to identify the target properly and correctly before shooting. The hunter should raise his head from the scope and positively identify the target. Only when the shooter is sure that the target is what he wants to shoot at then he should fire the crossbow. This will prevent any undue accident because of wrong target identification.

4. Keep Fingers Out the of Path of Strings

The strings of the crossbow move very fast and can severely damage anything that comes in its path. The shooters should keep their fingers out of the path of the string when firing the crossbow to prevent any damage to the fingers.

5. Use Appropriate Arrows

Shooters should use only the appropriate arrows for their crossbows. Arrows should extend to the end of the track. The arrows which do not extend beyond the track should not be used. Arrows should have stiffness appropriate to the power of the crossbow. Shooting light arrows will be like dry firing the crossbow which is not recommended.


6. Uncock the Bow Safely

The crossbow should be safely uncocked. The safest and recommended way to uncock the crossbow is by shooting. Uncocking the crossbow wrongly can blow it up and cause significant damage to the user.

7. Regularly Inspect the Crossbow

Like any hunting weapons, crossbows should be regularly inspected for any wear and tear or damage to the moving parts. It will give the users an idea of the condition of the crossbow and they can repair it timely before anything goes wrong.

8. Worn Bowstrings are Dangerous

The string of the crossbow has a lifespan and can fire a number of arrows only before it needs to be replaced. Regular waxing and maintenance of the string can elongate its life but after a time it has to be replaced. The bowstring should be replaced and serviced by a professional to avoid any string related dangers.

9. Never Dry Fire the Crossbow

Dry firing means firing the crossbow without an arrow. Even a single dry fire can cause severe damage to the crossbow and may render it unfit for further use. In case the crossbow has been accidentally dry fired, it should be taken to a professional for inspection and maintenance. Users should never try to use a crossbow which has been dry fired earlier.

10. Perform Regular Maintenance

The crossbow has number of moving parts and needs regular maintenance. The bow should be taken to a professional for checking and servicing regularly. It helps to keep the hunting equipment in good working condition and enhances the results during hunting expeditions. Regular maintenance and servicing of the bow also prevents chances of any mishap or accidents while using it.

10 Tips for Compound Crossbow Safety


Hunting with a good compound crossbow can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. The crossbow is much superior to the basic recurve bow and helps the hunter shoot accurately and with precision. However, the compound crossbow also needs to be managed and safely handled to prevent any unwanted accidents or mishaps to the users. The users should also take proper care of their compound crossbows and get it serviced regularly to enjoy best results from it. Following basic safety rules will ensure well being of the compound crossbow and the user also and will make using the equipment an enjoyable experience.

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