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10 Interior Designing Stereotypes that We Should Ignore

10 Interior Designing Stereotypes that We Should Ignore

All of us want to decorate our dream house with the perfect interior. May it be matching bedroom chairs with the bed or otherwise. It’s time that we need to forget that if we buy a bed, it essentially should be a part of an entire set belonging to the same collection.

Trends always change, and with that we need to tweak our interior designing aesthetics. Today, we are going to share 10 interior designing stereotypes that we should ignore. This would help all of us create a beautifully designed palace of our dreams.

1. Matching Armchairs and Sofa Set

Matching Armchairs and Sofa set

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Purchasing furniture in sets is an idea that most of us follow. We always want the armchairs and sofa to belong to the same set or collection. However, this isn’t necessary. If you’re into interior designing, you’d know that contrast is a very important design element that you can use to enhance the beauty of your home. Go on and buy a completely different set of armchairs that doesn’t match the design or color of your sofa. Just make sure that the colors complement each other and the background of the room where you plan to place them.

Look for ideas that help you make your house a home!

2. Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Sets

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The new trend says that you don’t need to purchase a complete bedroom set of furniture. Just go with some tables and bedroom chairs that are not from the same collection as your bed. This will give your entire bedroom a much more trendier outlook.

3. White Background Walls

White Background Walls

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White walls remind me of hospitals. Go for white walls only if you don’t have too many white things to place before them. A light background looks elegant and bright, however, it also gets dull specially if the entire furniture is a lot colorless. Go for very light, but eye-catching shades of furniture in your rooms with white walls, and see for yourself how beautiful it looks. Always go for a bright and attractive look, which can easily be done through placing your interior in the path of light.

4. Don’t Align a lot of Furniture Adjacent to the Walls

Don’t align a lot of Furniture Adjacent to the Walls

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Aligning a lot of furniture with the walls is only a good option if you have very little space. If you don’t have any space related concern, then go for a centralized interior approach. This will give you more space to roam around, along with a much more elegant look.

5. Bathroom with a Trivial Tiled Floor

Bathroom with Trivial Tiled Floor

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Bathroom designs have to be updated, and trivial tiles are so old school. What you can do is to design one in wooden theme, and another in a concrete theme. Give it splendid spot lighting and you can see a whole new outlook of your bathroom. Another one is a stone themed washroom. Try them out!

Bathroom redesign is a lengthy task, don’t forget to take into account some rules to handle home improvement and renovation projects smartly!

6. Don’t use Matching or Identical Chairs and Tables

Don’t use Matching and Identical Chairs and Tables

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Just remember experimentation is the key!

You don’t have to buy the chairs and tables from the same vendor. Just make sure they are not part of the same collection and you’d have a diverse look in your kitchen.

7. Large Furniture Items

Large Furniture Items

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Get rid of your large couches or sofa sets right now. They are just not so common nowadays. If you want to give your interior a trendy look, then go for smart shades and smaller sizes. Just make sure that the furniture you’re buying fits the size of the room where you plan to place it. Don’t make it over-crowded, leave a lot of space so that it doesn’t look cramped up and has a lot of life!

8. A Funky Themed Baby Room

A Funky Themed Baby Room

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Go for light shades in your child’s room and break the stereotype, which tells us that it always has to be bright. A child would be better able to enhance his imagination in a lightly shaded room rather than a funky one. Keep it calm and decorate it with colorful toys to make it much more interesting. A good idea is to take a look at indoor playhouse ideas and create one for your baby!

9. Rough Concreate Looks Informal

Rough Concreate looks Informal

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Break the interior stereotype, which says that concreate is too rough and it looks informal!

Concreate can be used in many different ways and it always provides you with a more modern looking outlook of your home. Apart from creating concrete bathroom as discussed before, you can use this theme in many other ways. Try creating a floor of concrete shaded tiles, or use it in your fireplace!

There are endless ideas that you can explore to give your home an everlasting interior upgrade.

10. Mesh Curtains

Mesh Curtains

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It’s not necessary that you always have to use net curtains. Try going for a regular fabric in a shade that is a pure complement to your furniture and wall color. If the size of your room is smaller, it would look much more spacious if you use colored fabric curtains.

Guys, these were a few interior designing stereotypes that we should ignore. We often find them difficult to break when we go for an interior design revamp of our home.

Start your end of summer DIY home improvement project today, break all stereotypes and use the above examples to give your house a more modern look and feel.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions with us!

Happy Interior Revamp!


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