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Total Solar Eclipse: Prepare Yourself by Making a DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses

View Solar Eclipse 2017 Safely with DIY Eclipse Viewer

Total Solar eclipse comes once in many years, if you wanna know when the next solar eclipse will arrive, then you’d have to wait for like 7 years. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss the chance of having a glance on solar eclipse 2017, then you should go for your own personal DIY Eclipse Viewer. This DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses will help you view the mesmerizing wonder safely and from the comfort of your home.

eclipse stages - diysomo - diy solar eclipse glasses

Source: NASA

Solar Eclipse: Loss of Vision

So guys, it’s time to get excited about the total eclipse tomorrow!

Everyone wishes to see this wonder take place with his bare eyes, however, it can harm your vision permanently. This kind of loss of vision is often referred to as Eclipse Blindness. Our eyes have retinas, which are made up of light sensitive material. They burn out when a light of this aptitude hits them directly.

To add up to that, you won’t even feel that you’re losing your vision. Your retinas do not have any sensors that can transmit the feeling of pain to your brain. Therefore, this loss of vision is entirely painless but everlasting.


How to Find a Solar Eclipse Sunglasses or Viewer

In order to save your vision from this permanent damage, you’ve to go for a DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses. It will filter out the harmful sunlight to directly hit your retina, while providing you with a full view of this total solar eclipse. Apart from creating one on your own, you can buy the one’s available at Amazon or Walmart. Just make sure that they are ISO or CE Certified and don’t wait up for too long, they’re selling pretty quickly and won’t last forever.


Source: NASA

Another option is to look for a library that is giving eclipse viewer shades for free. There are a lot of these libraries out there who want to lend them out for you to view the solar eclipse 2017. If you want a detailed map of these libraries, then look for it here.

DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses: How to create one

If you’ve tried Amazon, Walmart and all the libraries for free or paid offerings, and were out of luck, then we have a perfect do it yourself solar eclipse glasses for you. Don’t miss on this amazing event and start building your own eclipse viewer right now!

A Piece of Advice: You still won’t be able to look at the eclipse directly. This eclipse viewer will show you a projection of the total solar eclipse 2017, which would be very much like the original one.

There are two different methods through which you can make a DIY solar eclipse glasses. One is explained in the image provided below. This one is called the pinhole viewer and can be easily created from a cardboard stick and aluminum foil.


Source: Museum of Life + Science

For the second and much fancier method, refer to the step by step instructions mentioned below:

Step 1. Take a cereal box and piece of white paper. Trace out the cereal box on the paper from edge to edge. Cut through the tracing and stick the cut out to the cereal box at the very bottom. It the base of the cereal box is white, then you can skip this step. The solar eclipse can be viewed much more clearly if you use white base. 



Step 2. Cut one and half inches from both sides of the top flap of the box.



Step 3. Now you’ll have to cover one end of the top flap with tin-foil. Stick it to the box using tape.



Step 4. Prick a small hole in the center of the tin-foil using a nail or screw.



Step 5. You’ve to hold your DIY solar eclipse glasses in front of the sun. A good way to do it is by keeping the cereal box at your front and sun at your back. You’ve to expose it towards the sun, so that the small pin hole catches the sun directly.



Step 6. Adjust your position by moving around unless you catch a reflection of the solar eclipse at the base of the cereal box.



Step 7. The solar eclipse 2017 will look anything similar to the image below.



NASA has come up with a great and informative video and post on the upcoming total solar eclipse. You can view it here

Please don’t forget to share this easy to make DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses with your loved one’s so that they can safely view the solar eclipse 2017 without damaging their vision. 

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Happy Eclipse Viewing!


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  1. What a cool DIY activity! I bought solar eclipse glasses from Walgreens! Hope you had an amazing experience watching the Solar Eclipse!

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  4. Did you happen to see the article the New York Times did yesterday about people who watched the eclipse without the special glasses and are now having problems with their vision? I had no idea that our retinas could suffer from sunburn and also that if let go too long, the damage could be permanent! (ps: My husband and I watched here in the midwest, and it was really, really cool!)

    • You were at the perfect place at the perfect time. Missed that NYT post, will try finding it, but the hazards are real!

  5. It is really important to take care of your eyes while planning on viewing an eclipse. Thanks for sharing this super helpful DIY for solar eclipse glasses.

  6. Love this post! Yesterday’s solar eclipse was such a thrilling day, one for the books!

  7. Eye safety is very important when viewing the solar eclipse. This diy viewer is great and will allow you to watch the solar safely. Great tutorial.

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  11. What a fun idea to do this with the family. I can imagine the exitement of a 6 years old boy preparing the glasses and then rush out to test it. Unfortunally we will not see the eclipse!😫

  12. I remember seen the eclipse back in 2009, when it was visible from my country. Everybody bought cardboard glasses. It is important to not look directly into the sun, not to damage your eyes.

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