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extend iphone battery life

10 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

10 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Anyone using an iPhone has experienced the fact that this phone is the best. Problematically the best smartphone of the world comes with a smaller battery life. Even if you’re not such an intensive user, you still have to charge your iPhone after two days. So today we’re gonna share some useful tips and tricks that will help you extend iPhone battery life.


There are a lot of ways through which you can extend iPhone battery life, however, the usage of these ways come with a price. You’ve to turn off important features and updates in order to be able to save the battery. So, in a way you have to let go of all the fun stuff, which makes an iPhone the best out there in the market.

So guys, below are some handy ways, which can increase the battery time of your iPhone. You can choose the one’s most suitable for you according to your requirements.

1. Turn off Background App Refresh

The usability of background app refresh is to make the applications ready for random usage. so, whenever you open your favorite app at your favorite time of the day, it is already up to date. This is because of the Background app refresh process running in the background. You can turn this feature off by going to Settings> General> Background App Refresh, and choose the apps for which you want to disable this process.

2. Turn Off Automatic App Updates

In newer versions of the iOS, you don’t have to manually update your applications. Whenever newer versions of an app are released, a built-in feature of the iPhone automatically makes an update. It is a very good feature, but comes with a cost of increased battery drainage. If you want to extend iPhone battery life, you can go to Settings> App Store> Updates and shift the slider to off. This will save you good battery time.

3. Remove Siri App Suggestions

iPhone automatically suggests you apps while using your location information. This is a really handy feature and can show you different apps according to your location and priorities. But this comes with a much bigger battery problem. If you want to close down this feature, you have to swipe down from the top and left to today’s view. At the bottom, you can tab edit and the red icon and then click on remove.


4. Safari Content Blockers

The greatest feature of Safari browser is its ability to blocking tracking cookies and ads. This is cool, but ends up consuming much of the battery. Closing it down may not result in a very big increase in battery life. However, you can check out the impact it causes on your iPhone and choose to permanently keep or remove this function.

5. Auto Brightness

Many smartphones nowadays come with a sensor to adjust its screen brightness with respect to the light they are exposed to. This is a very handy feature and turning it on will result in great power saving. This single handedly can improve the performance of your battery manifold.


6. Adjust Brightness

Adjusting brightness can also provide great results in terms of battery consumption. If you’re not good with auto brightness, you can choose a low brightness level manually, while turning it back up when required.

7. Animations and Motion

iPhone comes with a built-in feature similar to live wallpaper. With the help of this motion and animation feature, you get the cool look of apps and wallpaper moving in the background. As cool as it sounds, it drains a lot of battery. You can either turn it off, or you can reduce motion speed to a minimum and extend iPhone battery life.


8. Turn Wi-Fi Off

When Wi-Fi is turned on, the battery of your iPhone drains incredibly fast. You can turn it off, while not using your phone, and turn it back on when you check for updates. This can save you a lot of battery time.

9. Turn Off Wi-Fi Hotspot

Similar to Wi-Fi, turning off Wi-Fi Hotspot also gives you great battery saving results. It also helps keep your phone and data secure. So, don’t forget to turn off the Hotspot after usage.

10. Find and Kill Battery Drainers

Rather than turning anything on or off, you’ve to check for apps that are draining your battery faster. In newer updates, they’ve provided a feature to do just that. This one is called Battery usage. You can see which apps are using most of it, and close them down if you don’t need them.

Hope today’s post will bring you value and will help you extend iPhone battery life. Don’t forget to share your feedback, suggestions and also, don’t forget to Subscribe.

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Happy Battery Saving!

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