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Things you can do with your cell phone and probably you did not know

Things you can do with your cell phone and probably you did not know

Panoramic photos, call blocking, sharing with NFC and more

Things you can do with your cell phone and probably you did not know
 Things you can do with your cell phone and probably you did not know. Getty Images

In many occasions we acquire a smartphone with multiple utilities, but in the day to day we limit ourselves to giving it a fairly basic and restricted use. For example, always the same framing of photos or a transmission of files between a cell phone and another without using the new wireless technologies. Therefore, it is important to discover and know in detail some tools that have the smart phone, which will enjoy and simplify the work. In this article I present five of them, so that you put them into practice if you have not done it yet.

Make a 360º panoramic spherical photo

How to make a photo spherical with your smartphone
 How to make a photo spherical with your smartphone. Rita Conde

If you have the appropriate application on your smartphone, you can take panoramic photos in 360 degrees. Basically a 360º photo is built by joining a series of images that you have taken following the instructions given by the application with which you work. Then you can see them on your cell phone with a 3D virtual reality viewer and the Cardboard application , or even upload them to Google Maps to better appreciate them and share them on social networks.

In the case of most Samsung phones , enter the function to take 360-degree photos that you will find in the camera application the Mode button , then look for the Surround Capture or Surround Shot configuration in English. If this tool does not appear in the settings menu, look it up in the Samsung Galaxy application store and proceed to install it. When you open the application, the first thing you will see is a 3D globe with pictures that represent the place of the images you will capture.

On the other hand, with smartphones such as the Nexus and others with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, use the Google Camera application in the Photo Sphere and Panorámica settings .

To make a sequence of photos that results in a 360 degree sphere image, you must do the following

  1. Stand in the center of the site you wish to photograph with the application open and the configuration already mentioned.
  2. You will see a circle in the middle of the screen, with the phone horizontal, position the pointer inside that circle, without pressing any button, wait for the shot to load .
  3. Continue spinning at the same point, without violent displacements, and keep repeating the same sweeping movement with your stable phone, always on the same line, giving time to load each shot, until you finish the circle.
  4. Then raise the phone a little and repeat the operation until you finish the circle again.
  5. Repeat the above in each line up and down until you cover all the possible angles, that is, fill the squares of the mentioned sphere.
  6. At the end do not forget to press the camera’s shutter button so that the photo is processed.

Take a little time, but with practice, you will achieve beautiful three-dimensional photos. In Google Maps you can see many examples of photo spheres like this one here.

Block unwanted call numbers

Block unwanted call numbers
 Block unwanted call numbers. Rita Conde

It is really annoying that the phone rings with an unwanted call, for example, advertising, unidentified numbers, and even your ex whom you do not want to attend. Well, it’s very simple, block those calls and text messages and that’s it.

To block a number in calls:

  1. Search in the call application Settings , in some phones you will find in the three points at the top right, in other smartphones in the intuitive menu that is located at the bottom left.
  2. Then press Calls .
  3. After Rejection of call .
  4. Automatic rejection mode, there emerges a box with three options: Deactivate, All incoming calls and Automatic rejection numbers.
  5. Choose Automatic rejection numbers if you want to block only one or more numbers or All incoming calls if you do not want to receive any calls.
  6. When the box closes you press Reject Lists . The Unknown option appears with a check box, check it if you do not want to receive calls from unidentified numbers, or press the + sign above to the right to add the number (s) you are looking to block. You can enter the number or add it from your address book.
  7. You can also configure other options in Assignment Criteria . It is worth noting that when you block a number, the person who calls you almost immediately leaves your voicemail to leave a message, to which you will receive the respective notification.

To send unwanted text messages to the spam folder

Send unwanted text messages to the spam folder
 Send unwanted text messages to the spam folder. Rita Conde
  1. In the message application, look for the options menu which some phones have in the three points at the top right, and others in the intuitive menu at the bottom left.
  2. Press Settings > Spam messages , check the box.
  3. On the same screen there are three alternatives to choose from: Add to spam number, Add phrases as spam, Block unknown senders, in this option you have a box to activate it if you do not want to take calls from numbers that are not in your phone book.
  4. In Add to spam numbers place the numbers you want to register as spam by pressing the + sign on the top right. There is also the ‘trash basket’ to remove that number from the rejected category.
  5. In Add phrases as spam enter a text and press Save .

Share content from your cell phone with another using Android Beam

Share content from your cell phone with another using Android Beam
 Share content from your cell phone with another using Android Beam. Rita Conde

Most smartphones have technology Near Field Communications   or NFC , which allows us among many other functions file sharing photos, videos, music, pages web documents and more, from one cell to another with only closer, as if they were magnets. It is very easy to use:

  1. Both must have activated the applications or functions of NFC and Beam and be unlocked, ie they must be with the screen on.
  2. Zoom in on the back of the two phones.
  3. When the connection is established, the smartphone that is sharing the file will emit a sound or vibration and it will appear in the Beam sending message (this is what you share).
  4. When the message Touch to transmit appears , press the screen to start the transmission of the content precisely, in the notification panel you will see the notification of what you are sharing.
  5.  When the entire file has been passed, the screen will show Full Transmission and the other cell will show in its notification panel the name of the content it received.

Google follows you everywhere you go with Schedule

Google follows you wherever you go with Chronogram
 Google follows you wherever you go with Chronogram. Google

Chronogram or Timeline in English, is part of the Google services that you subscribe to when you set up and synchronize your smartphone with your Gmail account. While you have activated the Location settings on your cell phone, Google Maps records the information of the sites you visit with route, date and time. It is a useful tool that can provide you with more predictive information about the places you are traveling. It really is very interesting to follow the trail to your cell phone in Google Maps. This information is private and you can only view it with your Google session open on your smartphone or computer at this address: https://www.google.com/maps/timeline .

You can activate and deactivate this service, as well as delete all or part of the history when you want, even if you did not have the Location settings on your phone activated, you can enter the data manually.

Activate or deactivate Schedule:

  • Enable the Location settings on your smartphone : select from the Settings> Location menu and activate it. Press Location to go to the options of this configuration and choose the method or methods you prefer to use between mobile networks, Wi-Fi and GPS Services. For more precision select the three options.

From your computer, on the Schedule page, click on the configuration icon at the bottom right to pause, delete, manage your personal locations in the location history, as well as download a copy of all the data. The same can be done from your smartphone, but from the three dots you find on the top right of the screen.

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