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We tested IGTV for Android, the new vertical video Instagram app for up to one hour

We tested IGTV for Android, the new vertical video Instagram app for up to one hour

IGTV is here , the new service and Instagram application that is something like extracting the video content from Instagram and putting it in one place, something more orderly. The application was announced yesterday and, for once, has not been waiting, you can download it .

We have tested IGTV for Android and we tell you what it does and what it does not do , what is special about it and if you should take the trouble to install and try the nth instagram spin-off application.

Vertical videos, for better or for worse

Example of well-designed vertical video (left) and a not-so-good fix, cutting the video in two rows (right)

One of the most controversial points of IGTV are vertical videos . Like Instagram, IGTV only works vertically and will completely ignore if you turn your mobile. The videos shown in the application are also all vertical.

This implies certain creative difficulties , which some creators have been able to take advantage of better than others. Those who reuse YouTube content, horizontally, for IGTV, have to juggle to show all the content on the screen without leaving anyone out. Several choose to double the image and put one piece on top and one on the bottom. It is a solution, although as a spectator it is difficult to follow the two boxes at the same time.

Those who have more budget or are more convinced of the vertical format, manage to adapt well to this new format . For example, the trailer of Fantastic Beasts is totally vertical and everything is strategically planned so that everything fits perfectly in this new frame.

Although few, there are also some non-vertical videos

In full battle between the aspect ratio 16: 9 and 18: 9, most videos are displayed correctly in full screen, without borders or stripes. There are some exceptions , although few, of creators who create vertical videos by placing landscape or square videos on a background. Watching a forced horizontal video in a vertical presentation is quite frustrating, but luckily there are few.

Select content

“Explore” Instagram (left) and IGTV (right)

Instagram has recently redesigned the Explore section of its interface interface to offer you a kind of content selection similar to the IGTV concept, but although it is more ordered than before, it is still an endless medley. In Instagram, photos are mixed with videos and as a user you do not know very well what you should pay attention to.

IGTV is much more orderly , with a presentation similar to the channels of a TV. In the lower part of the window, video publications are shown ready to see, and you can change from one to another with a touch. Of course, this first tab, for you , is generated by Instagram’s own algorithm, showing you things that you think will interest you.

People you follow (left) and Popular (right)

If you want to have more control over what you see, IGTV has two other tabs for you. People you follow shows you the videos of the accounts you follow on Instagram, while Popular suggests trend channels, even if you do not follow them. Finally, there is another tab called Keep watching where the videos that you have left halfway are shown, and remember that the time limit is one hour .

Social functions


IGTV inherits the social part of Instagram, so there are not many surprises about it. You can like (the heart icon) to any post, as well as comment and send to your friends through private messages.

The difference is that the IGTV videos are more like the Instagram stories than the videos normally shared on Instagram, but the stories do not allow you to comment on anything publicly. So, these IGTV videos are stories, videos or … what? None of them.

IGTV videos also appear on Instagram

The videos uploaded to IGTV also appear on Instagram , but they are separate. The comments and I like left in videos in IGTV also stay in IGTV. As a creator, however, you receive new comment notifications in the Instagram app.

You can also share


Do you also want to share vertical videos of up to an hour? Without any problem, touch your profile image and you can create your channel in a matter of seconds. Literally, since there is no option or configuration possible, you only need to press Next – Next – Create channel . Then you can upload your video.

Go up

For now IGTV does not allow you to record the video directly with the application, so you must import it from your gallery. And, from your gallery, you only recognize videos that are vertical. For the rest, the publication process is also quite fast, because you only need to add a title, a description and, if you want, edit the cover.

For the rest, there is not much else you can do with IGTV. It is, after all, a first version . For now there is no publicity, although it has all the ballots to start introducing it as soon as it gains a certain number of users. Should you try it? Why not, it’s the only way to know if the content that is being shared there is of interest to you.



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