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How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

How to share them as Facebook Stories

Today we are going to teach you how to share the Instagram Stories as if they were a Facebook Story. It is a new functionality that has implemented the company of the social network in Instagram, so that when you create a story there now you can share it also as a Facebook story.

Last year Facebook decided to enter fully into the ephemeral post industry, and did so by attacking Snapchat with the Instagram Stories . They did not stay there, and that same type of function was also implemented first on Facebook and then on WhatsApp . Now, those you publish on Instagram you can reuse them on Facebook from the Instagram app itself.

`How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

During the tutorial we will use the word Story or History, since in the end it is the same. We will also teach you what process you have to follow to share them as Facebook Stories on both Android and iOS , because in the first process is automatic and on Apple mobiles you can choose whether to share or not.

Share Instagram Stories on Facebook with Android

The first thing that you have to do in Android is to configure the share option as Facebook History . To do this enter Instagram, and in the icons below, click on the one that has face shape (1) to enter your profile. When you are in it, press the three-point icon to the right (2) to enter the application settings.

Once you are inside the configuration, now click on the option Configuration of the history . You are in the Account section of the Instagram options, and it will take you to another menu in which to configure Stories parameters.

How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

In the History Settings menu , just under the whole, you have to activate the Share Your Story on Facebook option , which is the one that enables the possibility of your stories being shared also on Facebook.

And that’s it. From now on all Instagram Stories you publish will also be automatically published as Facebook Stories . The only thing you have to do is publish your history of Instagram with normality , and when you do this will also upload to Facebook without having to touch anything else.

How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

When you post the story on Instagram, you will see that it will automatically appear on Facebook as well. I repeat, you will not have to press any button and you will not be given the option to publish it or not on Facebook . Of course, when you see the story from Facebook, you will be indicated that it is there from Instagram.

In iOS you can choose to share on Facebook

In iOS the process is the same, with the difference that when you publish the Instagram Story will give you to choose if you publish it in Facebook Stories as well. In either case the process is the same, first go to the application’s Options menu , and once click on the Linked accounts option.

How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

You will see options for linking various social networks. Click on the Facebook option to start the process to link your account. In it you will have to identify yourself on Facebook and give Instagram permission to publish on the social network.

Then go back to the Instagram main menu and start the process of creating a new story. When you are on the screen to take the picture, click on the gear icon at the top left to enter the unique setting menu of the stories.

In this menu now you only have to activate the button Share your story on Facebook and you are, you have activated the option. Once this is done, start the process of creating an Instagram story, take a picture and go to the publish menu.

How to share Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories

In the menu of publish you will see that now appears the option Your story of Facebook . If you activate it, your Instagram story will also be published as a Facebook story. Unlike Android where the process is automatic, in iOS you can choose whether to share it or not.

Guys, this is all for today, hope you have learnt how to share your Instagram stories on your Facebook.  Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

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