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I installed all the applications to make money from Android, but I prefer to remain poor

How a scam on Netflix and hack Whatsapp for free ends within the media pages

Our mobile serves many things, also to gather a small fortune. At least we could think if we go to the Android store and see the huge number of applications that promise to make money. However, we should not let ourselves be carried away by greed because to get a couple of euros we will have a lot of headaches.

The beginning of this article arose from the classic idea of ​​collecting the best applications to get rewards in Android, but as soon as I installed some I realized that it was much more interesting to reflect on what they offer us instead of just coldly recommending them. Here I leave my experience after filling the applications mobile to earn money . They are not all, but with the most popular I think I had enough.

Download, test and collect coins

Applications Earn Money Free

With a simple search on Google Play we can find many alternatives. Most opt ​​for very obvious names that gather the keywords like “apps”, “money”, “cash”, “gift”, “gold” or “reward”. Each of these has its own design, some are more updated and others use their own tricks to retain the user .

Almost all applications offer you nothing more to start a small reward in the form of coins. With this they get the user does not start from scratch and is somewhat closer to the real goal of entering money.

If you want to install one and want to fill your mobile games and applications that you will not use, you can start by trying appKarma , LuckyCash , MoneyApp or appBucks . I have chosen these for being the best designed, most updated and with a good transparency policy that fits with what we could expect from applications of this style. There are many others, but in the end most work in a similar way.

Karma Apps

When you start the application, they ask us to accept privacy policies and register, in fact if we link our account with social networks they will provide us with higher bonuses and start-up currencies.

Your mobile will look like a casino. You can earn money for anything: download applications, watch videos or click on ads.

How do you earn money? It can be from watching videos, inviting people, downloading applications, registering in other sites or even simply by reopening the application after a few days. The important thing is to enter the rewards ecosystem of the application and not stop clicking on all the options offered to earn points.

Appdown Money

These points or coins will be what we will need to finally exchange them for Paypal, Amazon, ebay gift cards or the same Google Play . To give you an idea of ​​how much it costs to get five euros I have made several approximate calculations.

The goal is about 5600 points for € 5. At first everything is going very well and it is easy to earn up to 700 points in a few minutes, but once sold the most succulent main options costs more and you have to either register for paid applications, watch advertising videos or download games random and level up on them.

For installing a game we get 40 points, for watching a video of 25 seconds, only two. If we spent an hour watching videos we would get 0.4 euros . And for this slave amount believe me that we can always find some work as an alternative .

The advertisers are the same and they only want your data

Free trial

One of the easiest ways to get points, whatever the application, is to register on the sites that ask you. Normally they give you a trial period of seven days, but the idea is that the registration is made with your credit card associated with Google Play . If we are easy to tap and subscribe to all places, we better remember to cancel the subscription after a few days before they charge us for the service and then the possible profits become losses.

Points are earned by registering your card in paid applications with the promise of 7 days for free
Referred Games Earn Money

Our data will end up registered in a thousand places but it happens that all applications have similar recommendations. This is because advertisers work at the same time with any application. They do not care where the user comes from, the only thing they are looking for is a click, a download. The applications receive a small commission for each click and precisely this commission is where a small part is what is going to stop us .

Using an equivalent referral system means that if we have already achieved the points in one application by downloading the game, we can not do it again in another. And it goes further, since within these applications we have found bonuses for downloading competing applications that also promise to earn money.

I miss more variety and more successful applications. I’m not interested in downloading the Real Madrid application or playing Lords Mobile, much less keeping them on my mobile for several days, as the rewards in most cases require keeping the game installed.

Ads everywhere that slow down the mobile

Earn Android Money

Another method to earn money is to install applications such as SlideJoy or Whaff Locket . It consists in adding to the screen blocking advertising with the option to click on it or unlock the mobile. Eye, because for the simple fact of unlocking will not give us points and we will have to access what they propose.

The unlock screen, the notification bar or even floating windows that occupy half of the desktop , all Android gaps can be used for these applications to insert advertising and help yougive them make money.

My phone started to slow down to extreme levels with banners and notifications everywhere

The feeling that I had after spending the week with all these applications I do not recommend it to anyone. I understand that one or a couple of them will not have the same effect, but my phone gave a huge drop after installing these applications .

Not only at the level of performance and battery, we also lose in peace since the notifications warning of new opportunities to earn money were constant.

Access Data Apps

Google is aware of all these practices and for several years has improved the permit system to offer greater transparency to the user. One of the most important permits is the so-called “Usage Access” that allows these applications to access the information that is in the rest of the device.

Install these applications leaves us a constant feeling that we have hacked the terminal and will sell our data throughout the network.

The frenzy of those referred

Referred Android Apps

If so many problems occur, why are they so downloaded? Well, we all want to expand our portfolio and it is normal that we try to take advantage of the mobile phone to do it, especially if we also have a lot of free time.

The developers of these applications know this and also strive to create the effect called. In all the possibility of creating a referral link is offered so that if another user registers through it we will charge a percentage in points with respect to what he does. Techniques that almost remind me of a pyramid scam, but that on the internet are widespread.

The promise of more money is what drives many people to recommend these applications

It is surprising to see Twitter accounts like @FreeeMyApps with almost a million followers, an unreachable amount for many. By comparing accounts like @ustwogames or @king_games they surpass by a little the hundred thousand followers. The power of the referral.

Frenesi With Referrals

These recommendation codes can be seen in all descriptions of Google Play, in the forums where these applications are discussed and in many articles where they are discussed. Any time is good to try to scratch a few extra points that can give us a few cents.

Another type of applications to make money is possible


There are some cases like Playfullbet or Google Rewards that do allow you to amass a mini fortune based on your usual use.

In the first case we have an online betting house but initially only manages virtual currencies of the application itself. If we get enough we can exchange them for physical money, although if we neglect and end up challenging ourselves with the application, we will be the ones who put out of pocket.

The second case comes from the same Google. Rewards is an application that we have already talked about several times and through surveys give us the balance to spend in the Play Store. It is light and fast but it is not up to us the number of available surveys. Here are our data and privacy at stake , since Google will use these answers to improve their services and refine their accuracy.

Too much patience for so little reward

Reward Android Apps

One of the objectives that I set myself at the beginning of this article was to get a five euro check to be able to spend on Amazon or Google Play. Unfortunately I must admit that I have not succeeded. The fact of diversifying has made me lose , even so focusing on one of them (appKarma) as close as I stayed was at 60% of the goal. My patience was decreasing until saying enough, my Android no longer accepted random applications.

The lost time and the disablement of my mobile make me discard this type of applications

Now I have returned to normal, I have erased all these applications to make money and I hope that the smartphone will go well but during the past week was sometimes a calvary between unlocking the mobile phone with advertising, remove notifications from ads and play games I do not like them just to get to the level they ask me to get a few coins.

My conclusion is clear: I prefer to remain poor but enjoy my mobile more. If you still want to install any of these applications, we recommend patience to try every so often only the games that really get your attention, click on videos when you are very bored and only recommend directly to those people that you know could. get to use these applications.

In my case I am not one of them.

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