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Samsung has a new solution for the front camera stop clogging-remove it and put a back screen

Samsung has a new solution for the front camera stop clogging: remove it and put a back screen

The race to reach 100% front-to-front ratio first is unstoppable. Manufacturers narrow frames, lengthen screens and place solutions such as ‘notch’ or sliding cameras to achieve a common milestone: that the front of the phone is occupied solely and exclusively by the screen. And now a new idea has emerged, although it does not have much again either.

Meizu tried something very similar with his last Pro 7 , placing a small screen on the back of the phone to use the main sensor of the camera as a camera for selfies. The latest Samsung patent walks in the same direction, and that removing this front camera would allow them to stretch their Infinity Display much more.

Larger screens but goodbye symmetry

The rear screen of the Meizu Pro 7The rear screen of the Meizu Pro 7

There are not many manufacturers that continue to resist the temptation to place an eyebrow on their screen in their attempts to achieve the highest percentage of surface of the front occupied by their panels. Samsung is one of them and the Infinity Display is currently in percentages higher than 80% maintaining a rectangular screen, and offering quite symmetrical mobiles.

The arrival of the fingerprint readers under the screen will allow these Infinity Display of Samsung to stretch much more, but it will still have the problem of the front camera, because it has to move or disappear. Oppo and Vivo have opted to hide them in the body with their Find X and Nex , each in their own way but sharing a common philosophy.

By deleting the front camera of the configuration of its telephones, Samsung could take the Infinity Display to occupy a larger area of ​​the front

Now Samsung seems to want to erase it from its configuration, bringing a screen to the back of the phone. Thus, we could turn a Samsung and take a selfie or keep a videoconference with the main sensor, or main sensors depending on the phone, and the manufacturer could stretch the Infinity Display to reach percentages close to 90%.

The Samsung patent, already registered, not only collects this rear screen, which would occupy approximately 35% of the rear, under the camera or main cameras, but also the new layout of the main screen. The Infinity Display that is reflected in the patent shows asymmetry, keeping the loudspeaker for calls at the top but bringing the panel to the edge at the bottom.

For the removal of the front speaker, Xiaomi has already developed a piezoelectric system to transmit the sound through the frame of the phone, which also evolved in the last Vivo Nex, which now emits sound through the vibration of the screen . But it seems that Samsung still do not make that decision, or maybe they are working on it. Meanwhile, expect some phone in the future signed by Samsung and no front camera.

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