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Purchase guide to achieve a minimalist desk: supports, strips, organizers and more

Although the saying “new year, new life” sounds too shocking, the reality is that many take advantage of the annual change to make a list of good purposes and, if you work every day at a desk, one of your goals may be to keep it organized. Clearing the work table is easy, but keeping it tidy and clear during the day is not so easy. To help you in this task, we propose a purchase guide to achieve a minimalist desk : supports, lamps, power strips, hides and more.

Power strips, ports and plugs

The strips are one of those accessories almost essential today to connect laptops, printers, flexes … but also, given its versatility we also find designs with more functions and optimal form factors to organize our space.



The Xiaomi is a simple and affordable strip that allows you to simultaneously connect three electrical devices and three devices via USB. The length of the cable is 1.8 meters. For 13.95 euros

PowerCube extended


If you only need to connect devices and have little space, the original PowerCube solution ( 14.95 euros ) optimizes the available space with its cube-shaped geometry. The cable length is 1.5 meters and includes fixing support.



With this model you can connect four electrical devices and two devices via USB (2.1 A output). It occupies very little space. For 16.75 euros

Ewent individual plugs

Ewent 2

Another model of Ewent allows to connect up to 6 devices (1500 W), with the advantage of having a switch for the terminal strip and for each of the individual plugs. The length of the cable is 3 meters. For 14 euros.



This strip of Brennenstuhl ( 21.40 euros ) stands out for its robust and comfortable design, with four plugs and an extension of 1.80 meters.



This original Simpeak device takes advantage of the classic hole to pass cables to provide a USB charger with 4 ports at 5V and 2.4 A. Available in two diameters. For 24.98 euros.



The Bticino strip ( 29.90 euros ) stands out for its functional design. On the one hand it provides three sockets distributed in a comfortable and ergonomic way, two USB ports of 5V and 2.4 A output and on the other side a support for tablets.



If you are looking for a complete and versatile terminal, this Kopp has 6 plugs, switch, 2 USB sockets, 2 TV antennas, ethernet sockets and telephone. Made of aluminum, includes fixing support. For 36.75 euros.


He be

Another versatile and compact strip is this ELBE ( 109.99 euros ). It is made of aluminum, is foldable with brush system to use closed and has 3 plugs, USB (x2), HDMI, VGA and two network inputs.

Organize cables

In the same way that plugs and strips always come right, it is key to maintain an orderly space to be able to leave them organized and avoiding tangles, ready to be used.

Base Clips


One way to have the ports of the plugs always at hand and without rolling is this set of 3 clips that we can adhere to the edge of the table to leave the charger mobile, the printer, etc. Available in blue and in two shades of wood for 6.99 euros.



In the Swedish IKEA store we find this discreet ROMMA organizer box ( 7 euros ) with lid for storing strips, cables, extension cords and sockets both above and below the table.

Spiral cable organizer


A simple and effective solution: put all your cables in this spiral to prevent them from being scattered on the floor and your work surface. With 10 meters in length and available in black and white. 7.95 euros

AKWOX wooden organizers


Another original gadget to leave the cable sockets at hand is this AKWOX made of natural wood with five slots of different sizes to fit the diameters of the cables. 9.99 euros.

Metallic signal collector Signum


In IKEA we find the Signum metal cable box ( 13 euros ), which stores all the cables that we have from the plug to the table to keep the work area collected. It is screwed under the desk.

Hama box


Robust and compact, the Hama cable box is available in three sizes and three colors (the wooden one is especially attractive). With rubber feet and ventilation. From 18.90 euros.

D-Line box


The D-Line cable boxes are made of ABS and can be found in two sizes and two colors. With curved finish and small holes for ventilation inside. 18.90 euros.

Supports for monitors

If you spend hours and hours in front of a screen, it is recommended that it be aligned with your eyes and that it be placed at a height that makes you stand with your spine erect. Although monitors can be adjusted in height and incline, with some of these solutions we gain space and functionality.

Von Haus


A simple solution to save space and leave the monitor at eye level is to fix it to the wall with an anchor. This in particular is for monitors from 13 to 24 inches and supports a maximum of 15 kg. of weight. For 13.99 euros.



Another simple model to anchor the monitor is this one from Invision, for screens from 19 to 47 inches. Supports up to 40 kg. of weight, it is compact and reclining. For 18.99 euros.



Another option to save space and leave the monitor at eye level is to opt for a table stand. This has two shelves and a slot for the smartphone, so you gain a storage floor. Supports up to 30kg. of weight and there are several dimensions. For 18.99 euros.



This sturdy stand only has one floor. It is made of plastic and metal, is adjustable and supports up to 25 kg of weight. On the side it has 2 USB ports and a USB-C. For 32.99 euros



If you work with two monitors in your day to day, a good alternative to arrange them is with a support. This is for two monitors from 13 to 32 inches (there are other options), it is adjustable and is made of steel. In its arms it takes clamps to avoid that the cables hang. For 34,99 euros.



The DEEPCOOL monitor support is simple and practical, it has 4 USB ports and connections for microphone and speakers. It is adjustable in height and supports up to 27 inch monitors. Available in various colors. From 39.99 euros.



Urbo’s support is for design lovers. It is made of aluminum with rounded lines and has a hub with USB ports and USB-C hidden in a leg that is useful and discreet. Supports up to 14 kg. For 42.99 euros.

Thunder X3


A stand of the most striking for those who like the style gaming is this ThunderX3, with the basses with RGB Hex lighting. It is made of steel, supports up to 10 kg and has 3 USB 3.0 ports. For 49.99 euros

Support 3 monitors TooQ


And if you work with three screens, you can also hang them with this support for 3 TooQ monitors (supports models up to 27 inches) of up to 8 kg. each. It is adjustable and allows you to rotate them. For 51.99 euros.

Supports for tablets and laptops

With the supports for tablets and laptops we can place these devices in a more ergonomic position for our eyes and back, as well as save some space and even collect cables.



This support for tablets is quite simple but with good finishes. It allows us to regulate them in height and leave them at eye level. In black and white. For 9.99 euros.



Like the previous one, this support serves both tablets and smartphones. It is adjustable in terms of the angle of inclination, with a compact and minimalist design. It’s available in various colors. For 14.99 euros.



This support for AmazonBasics laptops elevates the equipment up to 15.5 centimeters from the table and is manufactured in a single piece of metal. It has a cable organizer. For 18.99 euros



Another alternative for laptops also from AmazonBasics. This time it is also built in metal in the form of a grid to encourage ventilation. It is adjustable in terms of height and has a cable organizer with 6 slots. For 19.99 euros.



This OMOTON (22,99 euros ) is a very minimalist and attractive alternative to leave the laptop picked up on the side of the table in an upright position. It is made of aluminum and is capable of holding equipment from 14 to 40 mm thick. With protections inside to avoid damaging the surface.

Fellowes I-Spire


This support for laptops up to 17 inches is from the brand Fellowes. It has a special design with a very attractive curve shape. It is made of a single piece of aluminum and has holes to promote ventilation. For 26.99 euros .



Another one-piece aluminum model is this from Bestand. With ventilation slots and space to store mouse and keyboard. For 39.98 euros



This alternative of 1Home ( 41.99 euros ) fixes in the heights a portable equipment (up to 5kg) and a monitor (up to 27 “and 10kg.) To save space and leave them at the height of your eyes. Tilt and fasten to the table with a clamp, its design also conceals the wiring from the back.

Support for headphones

If you work with headphones, keep them in a comfortable place and is very useful, in addition to avoiding tangles with other cables (if they have them). Some of these models allow to take advantage of corners and edges, optimizing the functionality of the available space

New Bee

New Bee

The New Bee support is a simple solution to leave the helmets in sight. The area where the headphones are deposited is padded and has a stable foot but with considerable dimensions, so it is an interesting model if you have room to spare. 8.99 euros.

Support gaming helmets


With a very colorful industrial appearance design (there are three colors to choose from) and angled, the SADES helmet holder is made of plastic. From 10.99 euros



An elegant and compact model is that of Apphone. It is made of aluminum and fixed on the bottom of the desk, allowing to hang up to two different headphones or anything that weighs less than half a kilo. For 11.99 euros.



The Neetto helmet holder adheres to the side of the table and allows hanging helmets weighing up to one kilogram. Available in four colors. 11.99 euros.



This model picks up very well the shapes of the headphones and the cable (if it had one), it is also available in several finishes and versions. For 21,99 euros



The support for Kalibri helmets ( 22.40 euros ) is for those who love design. Made of wood with plastic support to maximize grip and avoid scratches on the table

Flexos with phone charger

A light is essential in a work space , but if it also has charging systems, it will be doubly useful because we will also have a place to leave the phone and that it is always ready to be used. In addition, some models have dimmable LED lights to adapt to different situations.



This AUKEY lamp has a fairly compact, minimalist and adjustable design. It has 5 lighting modes and 7 brightness levels. It has a USB port that charges 5 V and 1 Amperes, a very slow loading speed. The bulb of this lamp is 12W. For 35.99 euros on Amazon.

Taotronics Qi


If you are looking for a flexo with a more versatile charger, this LED lamp from Taotronics has a USB charging with 5V / 1A and a loading surface using the Qi standard, so that you can charge two devices at the same time.

It is a 12 W lamp with adjustable arm and head, 5 lighting modes and 7 brightness levels. For 39.99 euros.



This Ledbox model stands out for its robust and stylized design. It is made of aluminum, ABS and with Philips led chip. The lamp is 10 W and can be adjusted to three different modes. If your phone has wireless charging, you can lay it on the base so that it charges. For 54.49 euros.

IKEA Rigggad


A popular flexo model with charger is the Riggad from IKEA. This led lamp has USB charge and Qi wireless charging base with the Nordic and minimalist style so characteristic of the Swedish firm. It is made of wood, plastic and metal. Of course, the lamp has a power of 7W and does not have lighting modes. In IKEA for 65 euros .

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