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Relaxation techniques to Avoid Conflicts at Christmas dinner


However united a family may be, when several family units come together for a celebration such as Christmas, conflicts and tensions may arise. Sometimes small family units (father, mother and children) have customs that differ from those of older or traditional family units (grandparents, uncles, etc.), which can lead to conflicts in …

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15 minutes to get fit at Christmas: Cardio training in the lounge


To continue with the series of training for this Christmas today we are going for 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises that we can do at home without any need for equipment. As always, we will structure the training as a Tabata so you can regulate the duration and intensity to your liking. If your level …

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What To Consider When Buying Rochester Used Cars


Rochester is one of the hottest places in New York when it comes to business – especially when we’re talking about used cars. What? Used cars? Why would I want other people’s hand-me-downs? Don’t be overly dramatic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying used cars unless you are going for …

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The paper coffee cups find a new life in the posters of the firm Inside


Dentro comes from four designers who need to express themselves. From different places, with different points of view and ways of thinking but with something in common: betting on quality and self-expression on everything else. United and with the necessary skills to get an excellent product worthy of being placed on our walls. …

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