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OPPO Find X, first impressions-this is how its displaceable cameras work

OPPO Find X, first impressions: this is how its “displaceable” cameras work

OPPO has come mid-year to remind us that there is still much to see in the battle for the advantage of the front. How? Hiding the front camera in the style BlackBerry Priv in its new flagship , and we tell you how this and other features on the first impressions of the OPPO Find X .

The difficult thing, that is to emphasize, they have already achieved it. A way to start your European landing with quite spectacular but also with a mixture of curiosity and doubts before an alteration of the form factor type bar with little precedent. It works well? It is practical? We tell you how about the contact.

A new bottle for an expected power

The Find series had not had a new offspring for four years (four, since that OPPO Find 7a ), and for that lineage the corresponding thing was a flagship with all that that entails. Another jewel in the crown that, in addition to being equal to the rivals and perpetuate certain particularities of the brand, shine in a special way so that this arrival in the Old Continent was a sonorous cough between old (and not so old) titans .

The magic formula is not new; that at least you have the maximum, and then salpimentar to taste of the manufacturer. Or what is the same, put in the shaker the latest processor of the manufacturer, the maximum RAM, double back camera, artificial intelligence and add something to differentiate , which in this case is that retractable module for cameras (and all electronics for facial recognition).

Oppo Find X Soft 02

With all this it is no surprise that the mobile is very fluid. It is true that for good and bad it was premature software, and this always conditions those first feelings we have regarding performance, but there has been nothing that has indicated that there are problems on this side.

Of course, although the interfaces, transitions and multitasking of Color OS (the manufacturer’s layer) take place with total fluidity and normality, what we have noticed is some warming up after being using the terminal for about 20 minutes. Especially for the lower half of the screen, although it has been a relatively intense use (camera and quite a few openings and executions followed) and we emphasize that it is a software still to mature, with which there may be software tasks related to the performance management that still requires a revision (perhaps the touch of artificial intelligence that is supposed to have).

We have not been able to play or prove too much how it works with the multimedia, but pulling the videos we have made with the mobile itself seems to have a maximum volume enough . Yes, with mono output, specifically from the speaker that has the base next to the USB type C (there is no audio jack, by the way).

Oppo Find X Usb 01

For its part, the screen looks good at the level of contrast, color and brightness. There seems to be no problems with the automatic brightness and we have some extra screen settings with respect to what Android brings from the factory, but what we have seen is that it is something that we already saw in the Nokia 8 Sirocco : the curvature of the crystal has a green “shadow” from what angle you look.

In terms of tactile sensitivity also very well. ColorOS allows double touch to activate the screen as well as a series of gestures to perform with the screen off . But while the first works perfectly, we can not make the seconds work, although it may be because of software rather than sensitivity.

Oppo Find X Soft

Comment also that a lack front button, navigation can be in a traditional way (with the button bar) or similar to the iPhone X. That is, dragging up the apps for multitasking or sliding to minimize them, which works well, but you have to be familiar for a while to get the hang of it.

Oppo Find X Gesture

Comfort and good finishes

Fashion has not left any notches on the front of OPPO Find X, but it has its effect on the proportion of the screen and after all on the terminal. As almost all lately we see an aspect ratio 18: 9, so that there is a rather elongated mobile , but this is not at all incompatible with comfort.

In fact, with its 6.4 inches in hand it reminds us of terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S9 + or the LG G7 ThinQ , which in fact fit smaller diagonals. It does so also by the curves that the screen draws until it meets the lateral edge, that although they did not seem to be well finished at the crystal level (because of that greenish shading) they are at a level of uniformity with the frame.

Oppo Find X Soft 03

It is relatively thin, without having even the official measurements probably approaching 7.9 millimeters of the LG G7. Due to its construction and finishes it is comfortable as we have said, giving also a feeling of robustness , but having glass on both sides our main threat will be the fingerprints (although it has a finish that does not seem to attract them as easily as other manufacturers).

As for aesthetics, about tastes there is nothing written and we will not start here and now, but it is an elegant design at the same time striking . In black it would have been more sober (we would have the special edition of Lamborghini to prove it, although the logo of the car company also gives the bright note), but the bluish or violet tone of the glass makes it have a more casual and perhaps attractive touch for a more varied public.

Oppo Find X Colore

With regard to edges and joints is very well finished, with the continuous curvature and without front and back bevels, and although it has not notch itself has a kind of notch on the top to be the “cap” of the module that protrudes . This corresponds in amplitude to the terminal, so that it is not as sudden as the Vivo NEX option and at least it is well resolved at the aesthetic level.

Oppo Find X Camera Module

Schrödinger’s cameras

As always, there are aspects in the contact shots of which it is impossible to talk in detail as much as we would like. We have already mentioned it before and it is due to software limitations or lack of connectivity almost more than time, but others do need at least more days and a variety of contexts such as autonomy, performance and camera.

It will be interesting to see if the artificial intelligence attends as general as they told us, with those intelligent notifications that pretend to anticipate our needs. We could see it among the adjustments, but it requires learning about our habits in the style of what we saw with Sense Companion on the HTC U12 + , which translates into days. And what will also be interesting to see is the influence of the battery, both of this and that the camera has to excel every time.

Oppo Find X Camera Module 02

What happens with these peculiar cameras? The “pop” of the hidden module is invoked in several ways , either because we want to unlock the terminal or when opening the camera app. The first we could not test it due to the restrictions of the demo terminals, but it is a touch to activate the facial recognition, so that the module appears for this and hides behind the reading of the face.

One of our doubts was whether the output of the camera module slows down the shot, especially if we talk about what it implies and characterizes mobile photography in essence: speed, spontaneity, hunting the moment

One of our main doubts was whether it is a slow opening per se, especially if we talk about what it implies and characterizes mobile photography in essence: speed, spontaneity, hunt the moment. And despite being a test software (and missing aspects such as the camera settings themselves or manual mode, which assured us that it will have), both app and module open normally , without noticing a special lag by ejection of the cameras.

Another doubt that we have left for the in-depth analysis is what happens when the dust, etc. It intrudes between the projection of the cameras and the telephone, as sometimes happens between a mobile phone and its case or in the joints of elements such as glass and metal. We will see if this ends up affecting the operation or damages some surface, but at the moment it seems that they have left the minimum space physically possible for the module to slide and not be a gap.

Oppo Find X Front Camera

The result of the photographs or the behavior of the app is also in doubt, but we can say that indoors behaves quite well, appearing the inevitable lack of detail and presence of noise that does not escape in interior scenes with lighting so , as difficult as the demo site. Good feelings also with the video and the zoom, as well as with the portrait mode.

This applies to both cameras and follows the trail of the iPhone X , the S9 and others playing emulate different types of lighting. As for marking the main subject well and defining the edges, it did quite well considering the conditions, although in the back we did not manage to make any of the light simulations work. Yes, we achieved it with all of the front, which also allows us to create a 3D model of our face on which to apply beauty effects, although we thought it was a bit of something we might play with once or twice (with a relatively good result of the 3D model). , yes).

Oppo Find X Front Camera 3d

Artificial intelligence appears on the scene in a manner similar to that of LG in the camera. If we activate it (which does not have a direct button, but is among the beauty settings) what we see is that the objects are identified(or tried to be done, there was not much variety in that context either). The most notable thing we saw was that in the front camera applies a good dose of makeup if it detects a face (not so much in the back), and that if there is a person in the foreground he recognizes it as “portrait”.

More curiosity than doubts

Beyond all the noise and flashes, the OPPO Find X leaves us very good feelings and breaks a bit with the prejudice that significantly changing the status quo of the form factor today is not always so risky or nonsense. A priori we think a more practical solution and with much more sense than the ZTE Axon M , also with that intention to break with the established.

The OPPO Find X breaks a bit with the prejudice that significantly changing the status quo of the form factor today is not always so risky or nonsense

It will be seen how Color OS 5.1 feels to this terminal and autonomy, which will be challenged in turn by artificial intelligence (if its constant presence is activated) and the added energy consumption of the opening of the camera module (perhaps a since we can not operate from a certain minimum of remaining battery, as is usually the case with the flash, we will have to see it). Also if in the end it compensates this solution in front of the notch or to have something less surface exploited by the screen, which according to the manufacturer is 93.8%.

Oppo Find X Back Violet Base 02

Good taste is left with the screen and design too, giving us the impression that it will not tire us in hand . Although it will be necessary to see also if the face reading for the unlocking works as well as they showed and if it is a good solution for those who use the mobile on the table in a more usual way.

What we have left, above all, is the curiosity to check how day-to-day is with this solution, which a priori seems practical and original, with the fear that dust particles, grit, etc. play us a dirty trick. At least they have managed to make 6.4 inches seem rather 5.8, and of course with how fluid it seems to go (and with the components it integrates) of which there is no doubt is that performance level can be placed without problems among the best , side by side.

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