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OnePlus 7 Pro - Reviews & Analysis

OnePlus 7 Pro – Reviews & Analysis

It is often said that “whoever follows it, gets it” and in OnePlus they can be close if they have not already achieved it. A relatively new manufacturer that this time has presented two top of the range with a superior edition that seeks to be you deservedly with the rest of rivals, and we wanted to see if it is so in the analysis of OnePlus 7 Pro .

We do not know if launching two terminals at the same time will be the end of the “T” edition that usually arrives six months later , but for now what we have is this older brother whose surname has a bigger and better screen, more cameras and a series of advances with respect to the standard edition. A qualitative leap with respect to what a OnePlus contributed to the user so far? We check it after testing it thoroughly.

OnePlus 7 Pro - Reviews & Analysis


Design: DNA OnePlus dyes blue and makes us forget the traces

Many manufacturers have long opted for glass and metal “sandwiches” for their flagships, opting for these materials by always transmitting a feeling of higher quality (and allowing wireless charging). A path that OnePlus also took in that evolution that seems to be experiencing especially since the OnePlus 5 , when it adopted a style of its own that redefined in the coming, the OnePlus 5T , OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T .

The OnePlus 7 Pro seems to represent a change, especially considering that the standard version is much more compact, and seeing that they have dared with more colors . The unit that we have tested for this analysis is blue (revelry!), Or Nebula Blue as they have baptized it, with that hologram effect that makes the light play a lot on its back giving shades that turn violet.

OnePlus 7 Pro

It does not become what we saw in the HONOR View20 or in the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE , there were more than flashes and the tones were much more electric. The “nebulous” blue always plays with a dark base and some lighter and vivid reflection according to the light, but with a more discreet result.

However, it adds a note of color with respect to the traditional black (in gloss or matte) of OnePlus, especially on the edges , since the chromed or silver tone that usually have now gets a bluish tint to match. Curved edges that are narrower on the sides, point where they will fall curves that pronounce the front and back (curvatures not symmetrical between them, by the way).

Oneplus 7 Pro

This aspect of the design is similar to what we saw in the Huawei P30 Pro and could be considered in some way still inheritance of what Samsung showed from the Galaxy S6 Edge and its games with curves and corners, although in this case the edge is something more width than the P30 Pro and it is appreciated. The negative part of the curvatures and thinning is usually that the grip is more uncomfortable (that “sharp” feeling), and in this case the subject (especially when taking pictures with the smartphone in horizontal) is something better than in the smartphone of Huawei

Popping this edge are the usual physical buttons, talking about this manufacturer: there is no raid of a “fourth” button for the virtual assistant and we will call it by voice or with the touchs, but it keeps the slider for the sound modes with its three positions (silenciom vibration and sound). The tray for the dual SIM is on the bottom, next to the USB type C and mirror with the main speaker, being different from the 6T.


The protagonist is the removable module in which the front camera has been embedded

There is no space then in the base for an audio jack that we did not see in its predecessor either, and in the upper part the protagonist is the removable module in which the front camera has been embedded. A camera that apparently is larger than that of the Vivo Nex , whose system is very similar to that of the OnePlus 7 Pro, but later we will clarify the differences.

Oneplus 7 Pro

As for the back, there are quite a few changes with respect to what we’ve seen before in the OnePlus. It is true that the glass (Gorilla Glass 5) continues to remember rather a hard and well finished plastic, unlike the clear perception given by other finishes like the iPhone, but that is not synonymous with transmitting a sense of material little valuable; on the contrary, the prints are much less in this back to the holographic sticker of the 90s.

Oneplus 7 Pro Profile

With these corners is not the most comfortable mobile in the world (and less with that size, which now we will see in detail), but neither can be said to be uncomfortable or end up bothering. After a while it is possible to get used to those corners if we come from other mobile phones wider or with greater curvature, although what we will notice is the weight: they are 206 grams , a heavyweight champion now in the era of compaction. Although here we talk about a large screen (almost 7 inches) and a battery of 4,000 milliamps / hour, and that is paid with two coins: grams and cubic centimeters.

Oneplus 7 Pro Silent Button 02

Thus, what has remained with what is now the flagship itself (having launched two range stops) is a very well built, contemporary and quite characteristic mobile . Perhaps redefining once again that style that seemed to draw as we mentioned before, but trying to fit better in this high range with higher prices (inherent in a certain way to a feeling of luxury when holding them).

Of course, we do not have IP certification of resistance to water and dust. It is true that from the brand have commented that resists splashes, but for now we will not dare to dip the phone in a bucket of water as they showed us from their official Twitter account . In addition, the back does not provide that feeling of tranquility in terms of resistance to scratches: obviously we have not tried to grate the surface on purpose, but this new finish gives something more fear (probably unfounded) to support your back on a surface.

Oneplus 7 Pro Rear Camera 03

The last name Pro has led in this case to satisfy several aspects that those who looked for in the mobiles of the brand a flagship to the height of others asked (that yes, expressing also in the final price). It ended up staying in FullDH + resolution for a mobile that aspires to be the best on the market: OnePlus gets on the QHD + car , such as Samsung, LG and Huawei among others, leaving Xiaomi alone and who consider that a flagship has not comply with this minimum resolution.

The screen, in fact, is one of the keys in the differentiation with the OnePlus 7 standard. Not only do we speak of a greater diagonal (almost half an inch difference), but of a greater use of the frontal on the part of this one and of the inclusion of a greater rate of refreshment: 90 hertz .

Oneplus 7 Pro

Let’s go with all this little by little, because he deserves it. The resolution is something that we will value more or less according to our preferences and also the sensitivity of our vision, but in any case it is an expected and convenient jump : we have much more detail and reach 516 pixels per inch, a figure that translates precisely in watching videos, images or text in a much more defined way.

If we want to perceive the maximum feeling of fluidity (especially in animations) and some * scrolls * of challenging speed, better opt for 90 hertz

It is, therefore, very pleasant to read or visualize any type of content, although the experience will change as we configure the terminal to 60 or 90 hertz . If we want to perceive the maximum feeling of fluidity (especially in animations) and some scrolls of challenging speed, better to opt for the second.

It shows especially when we play, although it is missing in general (in web browsing, by the system, with timeline apps like Flamingo or Instagram) at the time we decided to change to 60 hertz. Although what we also have to take into account is that this higher rate of refreshment in turn leads to higher energy consumption .

This rate is one of aspects that can be configured in the screen settings . As other layers of customization allow, OxygenOS gives you the option of configuring certain aspects of the panel, such as this refresh rate, the temperature of the targets, the resolution (beware when we change it, open apps are closed in the background – it warns us- ) or brightness, even in the pre-load when turning on the terminal for the first time.

In terms of screen calibration, the factory setting comes with the applied Intensity setting. It is a configuration with somewhat cold targets and a high saturation level (complying with what is expected by an AMOLED panel precedents) with no possibility of modifying, hence the one we like the most is the Display-P3, which is more balanced, it covers more space of color and the temperature can be adjusted (the AMOLED gives too many reds and the sRGB is very low in colors and liveliness).

Oneplus 7 Pro Settings Pre Screen

The automatic brightness adjustment works better than other times (as a reminder: the OnePlus 6T we experienced that used to be too low to pass environments with medium and low lighting). This time, in fact, the “problem” is the opposite: although it tends to react quickly to changes in light, it is usual to stay high when moving to interiors or environments with low-medium light, with which we will have to adjust manually to leave it more low, especially if we want to maximize autonomy. In addition, add in this regard that the automatic screen suspension is set after two minutes, something that can also be adjusted to slightly increase the autonomy.

Oneplus 7 Pro Screen 03

In these settings we also see what corresponds to the ambient screen , although we do not see big changes here. We can activate that the screen activates when touching it and when raising it, as well as so that it turns on when receiving notifications (that in the moment we will see whole and later we will only see in form of the icon of the app if we have not discarded it) and to change the style of the watch, having four possibilities with the classic combination of white and red of the brand. Personalization? Nothing else, is still very limited and without differentiating much from other environment screens.

OnePlus 7 Pro - Reviews & Analysis

Oneplus 7 Pro Ambiente Screen

The sensitivity to the touch is correct, it reacts normally with the tap , instantaneously as for the activation of the screen and there are no accidental touches talking about the curvature of the panel . Of course, we will have the greenish shading that we saw also in the Nokia 8 Sirocco or the Samsung Galaxy S10 + (in fact, more intense than in the Samsung Galaxy S9 + ), which are somewhat inevitable and are more noticeable in clear content or whites.

Oneplus 7 Pro Detail Screen 01

In the end, the fact of adding curvature (and seen the “success” of the Edge Screen, one of the few practical applications that has been tried to give to this surface) is a merely aesthetic resource in a great majority of cases and that implies sometimes accidental touches that impoverish the experience (as we did when using the Huawei P30 Pro camera). In this case we only perceive it in the aspect of grip, as well as in shading, so once again we consider that it is a questionable decision, even more so when it has not been a characteristic feature of the OnePlus.


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Speaking of this new panel, we highlight that there is no notch. The front camera is hidden in that retractable module (which requires even more personalized covers), but together with a speaker as elongated as well integrated and a reduced lower edge, they manage to transmit the feeling of “all screen” in a decisive way .

Oneplus 7 Pro Detail Screen 02

According to GSM Arena (the reference that we usually take in any case to eliminate manufacturer biases and always based on the same calculation), the OnePlus 7 Pro screen takes advantage of 87% of the front. Something that is even more real if we decide to opt for gesture navigation that once again offers OxygenOS, although with some difference with respect to the above.

This time there are three possibilities for system navigation : traditional buttons, stock Android style buttons and OnePlus gestures, with the addition of the short swipe to go to the previous app and the change of the slide to the side to go back, now having to slide from below but near the side edge. This change means that getting used to it is more complicated and many times we will go back instead of minimizing, partly also because there could be more room for the minimization gesture than for the one behind, but in any case they go very well and without lags (already this respect to comment that the case that is given with the smartphone makes navigation quite difficult by gestures to have an outstanding edge).

Oneplus 7 Pro Gestures

Comment also that, leaving aside the limitations of the environment screen at the configuration level, the layer offers many options for customization . In addition to the three themes (light, color and dark, the latter being the traditional dark mode with black background) we can customize the main color (except in the color theme, which has a default), the font, the size and some aspects of what we want to see in the status bar, much narrower thanks to not having the notch . The configuration of part of these aspects in fact is offered to us in the pre-load of the terminal.

Oneplus 7 Pro

In summary, it is a screen with which you have very good experience . Except for the maximum brightness, very just for when more direct and intensely gives the sun, otherwise it has a suitable contrast and resolution, and the size and the reduction of edges allows that to see content (especially multimedia) is pleasant. This time, OnePlus.


Performance: you can not resist anything to this combined

It seems that it was over then to cut in specifications to maintain a global price less, and if before had opted for the leading processor of the moment this time it would not be different. For the two OnePlus 7 we have the Snapdragon 855 as a processor, with the difference that in this case we get up to 12 GB of RAM as the OnePlus 6T McLaren , which fortunately we have in the model we have tested for this analysis.

With these components it is unthinkable to see limitations or erratic behavior in terms of fluency and execution, and indeed no trace of it. For any type of app or service the OnePlus 7 Pro is capable and valid enough, with the speed per flag and options for this to be maximized in the game.

Oneplus 7 Pro Use Game 01

We see it in an improved game mode and totally focused on games being the only task on which power and performance are focused, especially if we opt for the Fnatic mode . A new preconfiguration that blocks all notifications (except for low battery and alarms), prioritizes the game at the level of resources that consume network, limits the activity of apps in the background and can optionally allow third-party calls, tactile response and visualization improvement (which is an increase in brightness).


The 90 hertz combo and game mode make maximum fluency

The truth is that I personally had not played so well to the ‘PUBG’, a game that already on its menu screen and its millions of additions in it is a tremendous tick of resources. Already in these screens, of high graphic requirement, the combo of the 90 hertz and the game mode make the fluency is maximum , almost the same as with a task of normal demand, and in the games the animations and displacements follow each other with a speed and extreme cleanliness. Chapeau , OnePlus.

Oneplus 7 Pro Game Mode

We did not mention here the 12 GB of RAM because previously this amount of memory had not been an addition to this level, for example in the McLaren edition. The combination of the greater frequency of refreshment with the correct optimization of the software seems the key, although always there will have to be a base power provided by the processor, the graph and the RAM (it would be necessary to see if in the OnePlus 7 Pro with less RAM it equal the sensation).

Of course, during the game we will notice that the temperature increases more than with other less demanding uses at the resource level. Normally it is not an exaggerated or worrying increase, but at some point it has become very hot in some external parts, so the design, materials and this new liquid cooling system can not dissipate that increase and it feels to the touch.

For those who take benchmarks as reference , we leave you the results of those that we usually execute with other smartphones of the moment and / or with similar configuration.

Oneplus 7 Pro

This is the OnePlus 7 Pro after starting the system for the first time.

Thus, in the OnePlus 7 Pro we find version 9.5.2 of Oxygen OS on Android 9 Pie , which presents some new features that we have already seen partially in the screen and performance sections. As we have seen in a historical way, there is no bloatware beyond the pair of own apps installed by OnePlus and the minimum Google apps that have to be seen in all mobile phones with Android, being able to uninstall the first ones.


Oneplus 7 Pro Settings

In Utilities is where we will find many of the particularities of this software, for example all the configuration options of that game mode that we have mentioned before. Also the option to add a quick start panel for certain applications, which works by keeping your finger in the area of ​​fingerprint reading after reading, although it is quite limited since it does not allow personalizing shortcuts.

Oneplus 7 Pro Quick Gesture After Reader

When unblocking with the fingerprint and keeping a little more finger, these shortcuts will appear. Other new and interesting additions are the parallel apps, similar to the MIUI dual apps, which allow two accesses of the same app to carry two accounts simultaneously and independently, and the Digital Wellness suite . Here we find some possibilities when controlling our use of the mobile and limiting it, for example by setting timers for each app or activating the Sleep Mode.


Oneplus 7 Pro Settings Digital Wellness

It works quite well and adds many possibilities, similar to what we are seeing in this line of suites in iOS , Android Stock , Samsung or Huawei. It tells us how much time we use the phone per day (and in what), and allows us to limit it in a simple way if it seems too much.

It is also among the novelties Zen mode . It is another way of forcing ourselves to rest from the mobile phone (or to free it from us) thanks to a restriction that we activate from the toggle of the notification panel, establishing the disconnection time that we want and being able to see the usage statistics.


Autonomy: the maximum possible battery can be the minimum necessary

The challenge this time was somewhat greater with a larger screen, with more resolution and offering that higher refresh rate. Characteristics that can have an effect on consumption, as some aspects of the hardware can also benefit, all based on the 4,000 milliamps / hour of the battery that integrates this terminal among other aspects.

This figure does not determine anything in terms of experience, but by precedent there is a certain psychological barrier to reach the 4,000 that predisposes us to think that we will have a good autonomy, with statistics like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . Is this fulfilled in the OnePlus that gets the last name Pro? Let’s see.

Oneplus 7 Pro System Screen 01

We have tested loads with the different options offered at the screen level and subjects at maximum resolution (60 hertz, 90 hertz, with a clear theme and dark theme), also alternating days of more intense use and others less demanding, and in the end we have been averages of 20 hours of average autonomy and about 7:40 hours of screen .

Oneplus 7 Pro Usb 01

Given the characteristics that we have discussed, we believe that they are good figures, they will not be supreme and they do not give the peace of other means that give almost a day and a half of autonomy. But it gives to endure the day when we spend long moments watching videos, using the camera or playing.

Oneplus 7 Pro Autonomy

The Warp load also allows you to load more than 50% of the battery in half an hour, recording full charge times of 1 hour and 20 minutes (from 0 to 100% with the mobile off and the serial charger). If we set it to 60 hertz and pull the tools to optimize the battery, we can make it last the day, what is not so noticeable is the dark mode in this matter.

Oneplus 7 Pro Settings

Audio: welcome, stereo, welcome, dynamic range

Maybe the screen has been the protagonist of marketing in a more or less deserved way, but speaking of improvements with respect to the above we have to talk about audio. We do not have 3.5 mm minijack or adapter, but stereo speakers and some customization options.

A clear sound, with a very wide dynamic range and a maximum volume that gives to fill the room with little loss of quality. The qualitative leap is remarkable: now we have the audio experience that we expect in a high range, and in fact it is one of the best we have had in relation to what we have analyzed this year. A clear sound, with a very wide dynamic range and a maximum volume that gives to fill the room with little loss of quality (at the foot of the main speaker gives a maximum of 114 decibels, not bad), although there is a better experience if we stay in around 80%

Oneplus 7 Pro Main Speaker 01

The stereo always gives a more satisfying experience, with more nuance and more enveloping. And it shows especially in the visualization of multimedia content and games, now we know where we are going to come to shoot, although if we are short fingers it will be easy for us to cover the main speaker with our thumb when holding the phone horizontally.

As for the Dolby Atmos , there are three preconfigurations based on the type of content that are applied regardless of the source of sound output and in the environment, although they are relatively subtle and we will perceive much better with headphones:

Dynamic : automatic optimization based on content. It is the one that is configured from the factory, offering an adequate sharpness and dynamic range and in the average.

Film : more reverberation and depth, and a dynamic range somewhat greater than the previous one.

Music : qualifies something more, but the result is practically the same as with the dynamic setting.

None : disable the environment-based enhancement as we have the headphones activated.

Oneplus 7 Pro Audio Settings

For headphones we have several options. The style preferences are included within the settings for Dolby Atmos. The option “None” is preset, which gives practically the same experience as the “Balanced” configuration. In fact, there are hardly any changes in this case, maybe a bit more bass and treble with the “Warm” and the “Matizado”, but we probably stay almost the same if we do not touch this (removing some very subtle change in the volume).

We also found the headset mode, which allows us to adjust some automatic actions when we connect headphones via Bluetooth. Also comment that the mobile adds support for codecs such as aptX and LDAC , with which we can obtain better experience according to the type of files we listen to and if the headphones have it.

Oneplus 7 Pro Screen 02

Speaking of which, the OnePlus Bullets 2 are included in the test pack , which have small design changes with respect to the first edition. The experience with them is also very good, being in-ear and wireless, although the pieces that house the electronics and the battery are somewhat larger and heavier and the heads are held somewhat less than the previous ones, but despite this they are comfortable and do not fall or even exercise (and the truth is that do without the rubber that hooks with the ear pavilion of the first is appreciated, as this ends up bothering).

Add that the calls are heard very well , and that the solution of a speaker / headset so discreet feels very good to the front without using the sound output on the screen that we have seen in other phones such as the P30 Pro.

So will you buy this superb smartphones? Do share your DIY hacks and tips about OnePlus 7 Pro.

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