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News Firefox 68 New Extension Management, Floating Pip And Dark Mode In Reading Mode

News Firefox 68: New Extension Management, Floating PIP And Dark Mode In Reading Mode

We are going to tell you what are the novelties of Firefox 68, the new version of the browser launched today officially by Mozilla. The main novelty is the improvements in the extension management page, which now adds recommended extensions so you have the best always at hand and better descriptions with the option to see the new versions.

But there are also more new features, such as support for the dark mode in browser reading mode, the arrival of a floating PIP player to watch videos while watching other websites, changes in synchronization, more emojis and better protections when you are browsing.

Changes in the administration of extensions

One of the main changes of the new version of Firefox is in the extension manager, which you can reach from your menus or by writing about: addons in the navigation bar. And now, this administration window adds recommended extensions, a curated list of the best you can install selected by the browser.

In addition to this, the new design separates the extensions between the activated and deactivated ones, and the information about the extensions have also been extended when we click on one of them, and a list of changes for the updates is implemented. That yes, the one that has contained in the list of changes of each extension already depends on its developers.

Improvements in the dark mode in reading mode

It improves the dark mode of the reading mode, which makes you visualize the articles of a website on a page optimized for reading, and in which most items that do not have to do with the article are hidden, such as menus, advertising or sidebars. Now, windows, controls, sidebars, and toolbars are also made dark when you activate this mode in the reading mode.

Floating PIP Player

The floating PIP windows are those that pop up and can be moved by the browser to continue watching a video even if you change the tab. It’s a practical thing to be watching things in front of you, and browsers like Chrome already allow you to watch YouTube videos when you leave their tab.

Now, Firefox also implements a PIP player like Chrome so you can watch videos in a floating window when you’re browsing different websites on the Internet.

Small changes in synchronization

From now on, users may find that in the desktop version of this new version, the Firefox Sync synchronization feature also updates some browser settings by default. In this way, when you use it on another computer, the experience will be exactly the same.

However, if you want to disable it you will have to enter the flag services.sync.prefs.sync.browser.some_preference and deactivate it from there. Come on, they help you make the synchronization a bit more complete by default, but you can deactivate it if you want ..

Other changes of Firefox 68

And now we go with a small list with other small changes that you can also find in this new browser version.

  • Firefox supports BITS in Windows to download background updates when the browser is closed.
  • Content protections now include defenses against cryptocurrency mining and fingerprinting to identify you on the network.
  • Updated Twemoji to the Emoji version 11.0 to add new emojis.
  • WebRender starts arriving at Windows 10 devices with AMD graphics.
  • The Firefox account settings are accessible from the main menu.
  • A shortcut to Firefox is added in the Windows 10 taskbar when it is installed.
  • New option to detect when an antivirus interferes with browser connections and fixes the problem automatically.
  • The webs and web apps that request access to the camera and microphone must use HTTPS connections.
  • Maintenance-free languages ​​have been eliminated, such as South African English, Malayalam or Maithili. Users will be automatically moved to British English.

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