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Let the vinyl creativity fill your home with these magical doors

Let the vinyl creativity fill your home with these magical doors

The months in which the color is in its greatest splendor come, in the houses the winter decoration is changed to a more cheerful one and with touches in other tonalities, this way it is possible to change apparently what is our daily residence. These fun proposals on vinyl can be the solution to give the necessary joy to the doors of our business or home .

Visualization for the little ones

The vinyls that represent somewhat childish scenes can be a good idea to decorate the doors of the children of the house. These high-strength vinyls are easily combined and divided into three bodies , so to speak, they facilitate installation.


A few years ago these vinyl illustrations were hard to find for direct purchase from the public. It was more normal to find them through decorators, interior designers or see them in public areas.


Fortunately for everyone, both for customers and for the companies that provide them and where they can be purchased, today we find them easily. In this case with more juvenile and childish reasons. They represent witch girls, pirates and guitarist rabbits. Its placement is simple , the ears, caps and details of the head are placed on top of the lintel or door frame. Inside it will be superimposed the body of the figure and finally the limbs that according to the composition can adhere to the door or the adjoining wall, even some extra detail can be glued near the baseboards and next to the door as shows in these images.

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The signature Pixartprinting offers the right solution to cover all smooth surfaces, curved or irregular, with your prints. Adhesive vinyls adapt perfectly to any use, from the personalization of vehicles, yes of cars, to the decoration of shop windows, floors and walls. This company dedicated to the production of this accessory takes us to customization, cutting and even extra extra effects. The durability can reach up to five years in extreme conditions. It is possible to add a lamination to the adhesive vinyl to protect the prints, further increasing its durability and facilitating its cleaning.


Travel without leaving home

These adhesives are easy and quick to install and without making air bubbles. The printing is made with high definition by the firm Stiker-folies , we love it because in a blink of doors, it takes us to the landscape or urban environment that we like the most . They are usually vinyl with matte finish although there is the possibility of brightness in some models.

Stiker Foliesfr3
Foliesfr1 Sticker
Foliesfr2 Sticker

What seemed like a fashion sticker, is becoming increasingly topical in decoration, you just have to choose the most appropriate vinyl and let us advise by specialized firms. That way we will have guaranteed quality and a fantastic result.

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