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Apple's Latest iOS 13 Is Finally Here With Its Cool Features

Apple’s Latest iOS 13 Is Finally Here With Its Cool Features

As expected and religiously fulfilling the expected calendar, Apple held the opening keynote of its developer conference, WWDC 2019, and one of its protagonists has been the new version of its mobile operating system. Thus, fulfilling part of what we saw in rumors and advances these are the novelties that bring iOS 13.

Although this is a conference lasting several days, from June 3 to 7, the main announcements are always given in this inaugural presentation. As we say, the operating system of iPhones and iPads has its moment and now we know part of what will occupy the successive workshops and talks of the WWDC, as well as what changes users will have to update their Apple portable devices.

Dark mode

This time it was Craig Federighi who has started with the presentation of new features of iOS 13, the new version of the operating system that we will see this year (at least) on the iPhone. And the heavy weight of Cupertino’s events and charisma has begun with something much anticipated: the dark iOS mode.

We have seen it in some system apps, such as Photos, messages or the new Reminders app. In this way, Apple’s mobile operating system adds to the current we have seen in the industry in general, and can also be added to third-party apps.

Thus, the interfaces of iOS can be obscured if the user prefers a dark theme, including the curtain of notifications and apps such as Calendar, News or Messages, which in some cases also suffer updates as we will see below. Taking advantage of these examples have taken the opportunity to announce other expected news (and leaked): the iOS keyboard now also supports interaction with sliding or swipe.

Presuming privacy: “Sign in with Apple”

With regard to privacy, iOS 13 adds its own login system, as a filter and with the intention of protecting the user from possible traces. This is a login that hides the user’s real mail to the third party when he or she is going to register on a website or app.

It is optional so that the user can show or not the mail as desired. If so, you must choose “Hide my mail” and that way the system will create a fake email address, which will receive the emails first and automatically redirect them to the user’s actual mail, which will be hidden from the third party.

Changes in own apps

The Safari app has new options to quickly change the size of the text, although the additions to the Reminders app have been highlighted, which, as we anticipate, will be renewed at the interface level, being now much more intuitive in appearance. Thus, they have implemented improvements to make it “smarter”, so that it can recognize what we want to remember and when, being able to associate locations or photographs, as well as labeling a person in a reminder.

But the one that has received a lot of prominence has been, first of all, Maps. Apple’s own navigation app has been updated to increase the database on the United States to be able to offer more detailed information (currently for this country), although at a general level it will be possible to add quick accesses to the sites we visit the most or need to locate.

They have also incorporated Collections, where you can organize the favorites that are marked in Maps, as well as create customized lists of them that can be shared. All designed to better organize trips.

There is also a new full-screen view, in 3D and in high definition. And what they have qualified is that privacy and security are maintained, protecting the user’s data and adding requests in the event that the location is shared with a third-party app.

Thus, as it had also leaked, Messages received some improvements beyond supporting this new dark mode and with this, they have also stopped quite a lot, thanks in part to the expected demonstrations of the Animoji, Memoji and its novelties. Now users can have a profile with a username and an avatar (or an Animoji or Memoji, of course), so that it appears like this in the list of third-party contacts if the user so wishes.

In addition, as was also expected there are developments in the Memoji, specifically the Memoji Stickers. It is non-animated Memoji based on the ones already created, which are exported as stickers, being able to be used in other apps and imported into the iOS keyboard. In addition, the Memojis increase their personalization (now even AirPods can be included).

The Notes app also has a new gallery view, with the new search tool and options for lists. For its part, Files will integrate the possibility of sharing files with iCloud Drive and access from external storage such as SD cards and USB drives.

More security from HomeKit

For the home automation control app and home devices, there are also new features at the level of privacy with ** HomeKit Secure Video **. In this way, the videos captured by the security cameras are encrypted in iCloud where even Apple cannot access it, as they have qualified, without also being taken into account in the hired iCloud storage.

In this way, the company ensures that only the user can see and manage the videos. And in addition to this, Apple adds Homekit to routers, a feature that allows blocking access to other devices when one is compromised.

Photos adds more editing and organization options

While waiting for what the new iPhone can bring to the photographic level, at the moment Federighi and his family have shown us some new features of the software in this regard and for all the iPhone that supports it. Since the app is updated the intensity of the light can be increased in the “studio lighting” portrait mode, being able to more accurately simulate the position of the (virtual) focuses with respect to the user.

On the other hand, the Photos app adds more editing options to existing ones, and not only in photographs. Videos can finally be rotated from the Gallery.

In addition, improvements have been added when detecting duplicate photographs and the organization of gallery images, betting on that “intelligent” automatic selection that we have already seen with Momentos. A way to find the ones that can be the best photos especially if we have shot many at the same moment.

Siri: more natural and attentive

The AirPods are once again mentioned with the news around Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. It has also received some novelty as to the possibility that the Apple headphones can broadcast the reading of messages by Siri.

And in this sense Neutral Text to Speech has been added, looking for Siri’s voice to be more natural and less and less robotic. In order to achieve this, they have thrown artificial intelligence, as they have explained.

Improvements have also been made in relation to automation and shortcuts, being able to create automated suggestions and personalized routines for everyday actions of the user such as going to work or to the gym.

Speaking of audio, another novelty is Share Audio. A new feature that allows us to share what we are listening to with another user who is around us when we approach the devices. It is compatible with iPhone and HomePod.

FaceID faster and … The iPad with its own system

In addition, what they have said with respect to these “invisible” updates is that the performance is greater, noting above all in a faster unlock by FaceID and a download of apps 50% faster than the previous so that updates They are 60% smaller and open twice as fast, as specified.

Other news has been in CarPlay, with a new control panel easier, can view at a glance several apps and with a new Calendar app. Siri also integrates support for third-party navigation and audio apps.

In watchOS we have seen developments related to Health, and part of this will come to iOS, so that users will now have more information and registration possibilities even if they do not have Apple Watch.

And the final touch has been iPadOS. An operating system dedicated exclusively to iPads whose goal is that Apple tablets are a competent alternative with respect to laptops and convertibles.

Availability of iOS 13 and compatible devices

Regarding availability, from Apple, they report that the first beta of iOS 13 is available today in the Apple Developer Program and that it will be public at the end of the month in the betas section. As for the devices that support the new system, which will arrive in the fall, iOS 13 will be compatible with:

  • iPhone 6s or higher.
  • iPadOS: for iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro, the fifth generation iPad and the iPad mini 4 or later.


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