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11 Indoor Playhouse Ideas to Create an Entirely Different World For Your Little Ones

How to Build an Indoor Playhouse for Toddlers

There’s a great way to achieve happiness for your kid!

That too, without worrying about the weather outside.

Convert the space of your house into a section dedicated to your child. Use our Indoor playhouse ideas to create one in your home. Your little one is surely going to love it!

A playhouse is a space where your child can spend hours and hours and stay happy to find a dedicated space for himself with all his beloved belongings. You can use the extra space in your attic, under staircase or you can simply create one out of the closet.

Carry on if you want to find hours and hours of happiness for your child through these amazing indoor playhouse ideas and create an entirely different and dedicated world for your child.


1. Indoor Closet Playhouse

An indoor closet playhouse can be built while using the closet foundation as base. You need to develop a few skills to carve wood and this amazing indoor playhouse for your child will be ready. It looks wonderfully amazing with its front porch. Use cedar wood to create shingles. A Dutch-door opening and a framed roof will add up to the beauty


Source: All Things Heart and Home

2. Borgen Castle Playhouse

Want to make your little one a king of a castle?

Try create a borgen castle playhouse, which features a grand balcony and nooks. It can be built by using Borgen, which is available from VeraVera and is ready to use. This castle playhouse will give your child a feeling that he’s ruling an entire dynasty of noblemen.


Source: Apartment Therapy

3. Indoor Playhouse Idea for Basement

A little mix on neutral hues with brightly sparkling white make up this wonder of splendor. Pastel shades add to its beauty along with a bright crimson entrance. The beauty is further increased with the addition of flowers in windows.


Source: My House My Home

4. Built-in Indoor Playhouse

Who wouldn’t love such a wonderful playhouse that can easily be adjusted in the attic. The glow of the lantern along with the flowers give it a much loving look. This can be a perfect addition to your attic and is a wonderful example to use little available spaces in your house.


Source: Apartment Therapy

5. Playroom Cabin with a Rope Bridge

This rope bridge play cabin will provide your naughty little one with a perfect activity and a space of solitude. What could be better for him than to climb a rope bridge and reach his place of play!


Source: The Created Home

6. Dollhouse Cottage Playhouse

Here’s the one available at etsy, and it’s a beautiful place to be for your daughter. The flowers and windows look amazing and its can also be customized according to your preferences. This one is quite large and has a lot of storage for your child to keep his beloved belongings.


Source Etsy

7. Colorful Indoor Playhouse

This one boasts a grass themed rug on its staircase, which perfectly adds to the beauty. This playhouse can be built on your own, but you need to have basic wood-carving skills. First create a frame from wood, then add all the pieces together to create one on your own. Make sure to add beautiful colors, and don’t forget the grass rug!


Source: Duncan Journey

8. Dream Playhouse For Your Girl

This one is a playhouse of your girl’s dreams. Your little one would be happy enough to have herself a kitchen, dining area, beds, and boards.


Source: Two Little Porches

9. Turn Walk-in-Closet into a Playhouse

You can introduce an entrance in shape of a hut to your closet and create a beautiful playhouse out of it. To make it more enchanting, add a small coffee table along with beautiful curtains and hangings.



10. Indoor Rectangular Playhouse

Have a look at this image and see how easy it is to create a beautiful playhouse for your kid. With some basic wood skills, create yourself a rectangular wooden frame along with all the required pieces. Assemble them together, paint them in decent colors, and you’ve got yourself a perfect rectangular indoor playhouse.


Source: Artecomquiane

11. Playhouse Under The Staircase

Stairs are the most neglected portion of a house. You can use the space under the staircase to create a beautiful playhouse for your kid. This simple playhouse looks very elegant and provides a perfect use of space.


Source: Apartment Therapy

Guys, we hope that you liked our indoor playhouse ideas and would create one for your beloved child. Do subscribe to all our posts, and keep yourself updated with all the fun things and décor that you can DIY!

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Happy Indoor Recreation!

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