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Ikea hack-an irresistible boho-chic armchair for less than 65 euros

Ikea hack: an irresistible boho-chic armchair for less than 65 euros

If you are a DIY lover or have a bit of skill with sewing, it will not cost much to make this Ikea hack that has a surprising result.

Despite its comfort and its good price, the Ikea NOLMYRA armchair is not a very recognizable piece of Ikea. Perhaps it is because of its dull gray fabric or because it is a bit bland, the fact is that this DIY “solves” the problem by giving it an unmistakable boho-chic look .

As basic materials you will only need the Nolmyra armchair and the Gurli blanket, which is what the original DIY is made of and which is now only available in gray in the store. Although I have not tried it, I want to think that it would also be worth HJÄRTELIG blanket natural finish that although it is more expensive, it would get the same effect.

Ikea Hack


In addition to the chair and the chosen fabric or blanket, you will need the following:

  • High strength thread
  • Painters tape
  • Needle and pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Glue or textile fabric glue (preferable)

In the case of wanting to paint the legs of the chair also:

  • Sandpaper
  • Brown chalk paint or wood effect paint


The great advantage is that the textile cover of the chair already serves as a pattern or base.

1) If you have chosen to paint the legs , lightly sand them with the sandpaper to prepare them before painting them with the chosen color and let them dry.

2) Extend the gray fabric of the chair on the blanket folded in half and mark the edges of the fabric on the blanket, with the painter’s tape.


3) Next, remove the original inner cover and mark with pins the two layers of the blanket so that the fabric does not move when sewing . You have to sew on the inside of the tape, by hand or machine if you have one.

Ikea Hack

Here very careful to not sew the bottom , which is where the fabric shalt bring in the structure of the chair.

Ikea Hack

4). Place the original gray cover of the chair on its metal structure. Then you also have to put the new cover by the part not sewn (the bottom).

5). Now yes, it is necessary to sew the lower part of the cover , for this it marks again with pins the place for which you are going to sew.

Ikea Hack

6). Then you have to cut the edge of the fabric around the chair , whatever you want but better see little by little (10-12 centimeters approximately)

Ikea Hack

7). To get the fraying you have to untangle the thread until you reach the seam . This will take a while, but the good news is that you can do other things at the same time (watch TV, be a chat …).

Ikea Hack

8). Pass your finger along the lower edge of the metal frame and look for the 4 holes where the frame is screwed with the legs . Mark the location of each hole with a marker on the fabric and draw a circle with glue around the hole . Then make a hole in the fabric with scissors where you drew the mark. The glue will prevent the fabric from unraveling .

Ikea Hack

9). Finally, screw the legs into the structure of the backrest according to the instructions in the Ikea instructions.

And Voilá! , now you just have to enjoy your new boho-chic armchair in the living room or wherever you prefer.

Pictures of Katie Steuernagle

Information via Apartmenttherapy

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