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How to use Netflix in a rooted android device

How to use Netflix in a Rooted Android Device

How to use Netflix in a Rooted Android Device

Rooting or not rooting, that is the question that more and more people tend to ask. Not because they are less convinced about the customization options, but because some applications stop working with the active root. Quite popular has been the case of payment services like Android Pay and others that require a totally secure device. The Android app of Netflix is no longer available on Google Play – if the device in question is rooted. Although the app still works and actually works fine. If you do not want to see yourself hanging between a decision to root your device and yet you need to install Netflix. Here is our custom guide on how to use Netflix in a rooted android device.

How to use Netflix in a rooted android device


Install Netflix App

The first step is obviously to download Netflix app, but for this we will not go to Google Play this time. Before that you need to activate the options, which allow you to install applications from unknown sources. To do this, go to the Settings > Security >’Unknown sources’, and tap “Activate”. You will have to accept the warning and it’s totally fine.

Now you can download the Netflix app from the web APKMirror, UptoDown. Apkpure (also through its app). After this you can install it and enjoy it without problems. The latest version (5.0.4) asks that the device should have at least Android 4.4.2 or higher to work.

How to use Netflix in a rooted android device

Keeping the Netflix app up to date

The next thing in learning how to use Netflix on a rooted android device is to identify the way to keep your app up to date. The method to keep it updated is different with respect to the option you used for installation. All the options are explained below:

Option 1: We all know that all applications stop working if their latest versions are not up to date. In case you are using UptoDown, you will have to configure it. It will keep on updating your application automatically.

Option 2: If you are using APKMirror, you should follow the PushBullet channel for Netflix. When you are in the window to download the app, click on the button that says ‘Follow Netflix Updates’. In the new window that opens up in the left area, click on ‘Follow’ and you will know when there is a Netflix update available.

Option 3: If you are living completely off the grid and don’t want any extra application on your android phone, then you have another option. You can download the Netflix app from any of the available apk websites, like apkmirror, apkpure or any other. The next step is to keep a track of the update. It usually comes in every two months or so. All you have to do is to uninstall the old version and install the latest one using the same method as mentioned above.

How to use Netflix in a rooted android device

While using the above method, you can still use the Netflix app on your rooted device and keep it updated. At least until Netflix decides that you are busted and can no longer use their app on such devices. Guys, these were some way that can tell you how to use Netflix in a rooted Android device, hope you liked the info. Please share your comments and feedback and if you are an iPhone user, do check 10 tips to extend iPhone battery life.

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