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How to Start Strength Training and Master Your Powerlifting Program

Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat

There is a short list of exercises that you need to perform in order to master a powerlifting program for yourself. This powerlifting workout would help you burn extra fat, get some muscles, and get rid of the wrinkles that come with age. The correct way to get your desired outcome, which in this case is make your tendons and bones stronger, create muscle fibers and increase your metabolism is through the proper use of just three exercises. Bench press, deadlift and squat will start you off with an ultimate strength training routine.


Powerlifting Workout to Help You Harness the Essentials.

In order to be able to master these three extremely important lifts, we have jotted down the master way through which they are done. Just get your fitness goals in place and follow these important steps.

Bench Press

Essential Technique and Procedure

Using your entire body to provide you with the lift is an essential for bench press that can provide you with the best powerlifting outcomes. You should apply the entire body lift through your torso and even hips to sustain the weights on the bar. The best start comprises on the use of your back muscles. Place yourself in a position where your lower back is not touching the bench directly. Your shoulder blades must be in a drawn-together posture, while your ribs must be pointing towards the ceiling. Having stable feet is a must, make sure they’re flat and provide you with the required energy and stability. Make a hard grip on the bar and make sure that your arms are a shoulder-width apart. Don’t press the bar out in a position that compromises your arched posture.

With descending the bar, you should tighten all the muscles that are providing you with the lift. Your elbows must be close to the sides of your body and arms in an angled position with the torso. You’ve to push the bar up through the force coming from your feet as soon as it comes close to your chest.

Strength Training Workout

If you want to enhance the results of your powerlifting program, then you should go for a good rule of thumb. Choose any one day in the entire week, and dedicate it to lifting less heavier weights in very fast reps. Create a DIY fitness plan where you follow the normally laid out workout for eight weeks. You’ve to keep a note that you’re doing bench press once in a week. After three days of your normal bench press workout, you’ve to dedicate a day for the power workout. In this day, you would take minimum weight and do as much reps as possible within the shortest time. This explosive session would get you the dream strength that you crave.

Another important thing to increase and the output is by increasing the weight. For starters, you’d start with 50% of the maximum weight that you lift in regular days. With the progress of each day, you’ve to increase the maximum weight by 2%. This will enhance the results of your strength training, and your starter weight would just remain a memory.


Essential Technique and Procedure

Deadlift is something that you must do very carefully. Any powerlifting program with deadlift can provide you with the strength you need. This strength training exercise provides power to your calves and thighs. Improper posture while performing a deadlift might result in messing you up. Stand with flat fleet and push your hips in a bended position. The distance between your feet must not be more than shoulder-width. Go over your knees to grab the bar. As soon as you hold the bar near your body, you’d feel a contraction in the side muscles of your back. In holding position, your shoulder must remain behind the bar. Your focus must set upon the front or the floor ahead of you.

Give a push through your heels while making sure that your lower back is in its desired position. Keeping the weight on your heels is very important, and you can do this through thinking that you’re falling backwards. Make sure that the use of hamstrings is appropriate in the transfer of force from heels to the bar. Push through your hips once the bar passes the height of your knees.


Essential Technique and Procedure

Make sure that your traps are being used to rest the bar. Traps are the muscular part of your shoulder that are used for motion. You can also place the bar a bit below on the rear part of deltoids. While practicing with this workout, you’ve to choose the most comfortable posture. You’ve to work on creating a stable platform for the rod, this keep be achieved through keeping your shoulder blades as much embraced together as possible. The best toe position is to tilt them outwards while keep them more than just a foot apart. Your chest must be projected outwards while your elbows must point downwards. This posture will help you stay in the optimum position throughout the set and would also help you from falling ahead.

While starting each lift, your belly must be filled with a fresh breath. When you start to descend, you’ve to lay back and push each of your knee apart in a position like you’re sitting down. Do keep a view of your lower back and go as low as possible in each rep. The ideal position is when you place your thighs aligned in a parallel position to the surface below. Each time you get up, you’ve to thrust your heels into the floor and unleash its force.

Strength Training Workout

Use small weights to start with and keep up each set to a limit of 7 to 12 reps. If you want to increase your absolute strength, then go for increased weight with a lesser rep-count. With increased weight, smaller reps of 3-5 range are also good. Do remember to always start off with a warmup. Use lower weights and shorter rep-count in your warmup sets in the presence of a spotter. In the absence of a spotter, you can try using the bars of the rack. They will provide you with the required support.

Including these three strength training exercises in your powerlifting program would definitely provide you with a great outcome. To add up to this you can try superfoods to boost your health and energy needs. As mentioned above, an 8-week program with a detailed written plan would prove to be a really good resource to start you off with your powerlifting routine. Do remember to keep one day for explosive round up to gain the best strength out of these powerlifting exercises.


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Please don’t forget to share your feedback and questions with us in the comments section. We would really love to know how this powerlifting and strength building program went for you.

Happy Powerlifting!

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