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How to make the shopping list with the Google Assistant

How to make the shopping list with the Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant you no longer need to use Google Keep or another third-party application to make the shopping list . The assistant integrates his own shopping list.

Through its voice commands and manager we can add products to the shopping list easily and quickly without having to install another application on our device. To manage our shopping lists we just have to do the following:

Add products to the list


The Google Assistant creates a shopping list by default , and to add products we just have to use one of these voice commands “Ok Google”.

  • “Add cereals to the shopping list”
  • “Add cereals and bread to the shopping list”
  • “Add cereals and bread and potatoes to the shopping list”

As we can see, we can add several products to the shopping list in a single command by separating the products with the conjunction ‘y’: “Add [product1] and [product2] and [product3] … and [productN] to the list of the purchase”.

We can also manually add products from Settings> Shopping listand clicking on the “Add product” field.

See your list


To see our shopping list we just have to tell the Google Assistant one of these commands:

  • “Show me my list”
  • “Show me the shopping list”
  • “What’s on my list?”

From Settings> Shopping list we can also access our shopping list.

Change or remove products


To change the name of a product or remove it from the shopping list we have to do it manually from Settings> Shopping list . To edit you have to click on the name of the product. To eliminate mark it as completed. There are still no voice commands to perform these actions.

Share your list and add collaborators


The Google Assistant allows us to share our shopping list so that others can see, add and delete products. To add collaborators to the shopping list we just have to open the list, click on the Share icon , select the contacts and save.

Create another list


We can create all the shopping lists that we want from the Shopping list , but we can only add products from the Google Assistant only in the list established as the main list . You only have to click on “+ New list” from the side menu of My shopping list. “In the rest of the lists you will have to add the products manually from Settings> Shopping list .

Manage lists


Finally, in the Manage option we can change the name of a list, delete it, share it or establish it as a main list.

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