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How to decorate your home

How to Decorate Your Home

Create New Environments in Spaces You Inhabit

In order to decorate your home and create new environments in the spaces you inhabit, it is not necessary to hire a decorator or go for an entire remodel. It is enough to unleash your imagination and discover new possibilities and learn how to decorate your home. Here are some of our great yet simple DIY ideas that will give a completely different look to your home. More importantly, you will not be spending much money either.

If you just rented an apartment and all the walls look sad and dull, or you have been living in the same apartment from a long time and now you have lost all the excitement of coming home. Here are our tips and tricks, which may help you decorate your house in a very minimum budget. Good part is that you will not need any heavy equipment.

How to Decorate Your Home with Memories of Your Travel

If you have beautiful photos of your trips with friends or family, do not let them fill with dust in a drawer. Show your visitors that your passion is to travel the world. Use that poor white wall that still seems like an orphan. All you need is a wooden board, a colorful chart paper (You can also use a big map) and some chart pins. Hang the wooden board on the wall of your writing table, than paste the colorful chart paper on the board to make it look more attractive. Now your memory board is ready. You can paste your pictures on it with chart pins. If you are moving to some other place you can carry your memory board with you.

How to decorate your home

How to Decorate Your Bedroom with a Paper Heart

You can show your love to your partner by making a big colorful heart on the empty wall of your bedroom. It is very simple yet attractive. You can also use your family pictures to decorate it. Just get some colorful chat papers and cut 20 identical triangles. Now place them as they appear in the photo on the wall you prefer. You have a new corner full of character and subtlety.

how to decorate your bedroom

How to Create a Colorful Wall for Your Children

If you wanna learn how to decorate your home then kids room is a place that matters the most. The same paper heart technique can be applied to create a few other decorations for your kids. Look, for example, how on this occasion the triangles form a valance that perfectly decorates the wall of your kid’s room. You can use a differently colored chart paper on different walls. Your kids are gonna love it!

how to decorate kids room

How to Design Your Custom Photo Frames

Here you have one of the cheapest options to make wonderful photo frames. You just need your favorite posters or photographs, stick them to the wall with some colorful adhesive tape. Use very different and striking textures. All you have to do is play with the straight lines to create original frames that give strength to the images. The more colors and figures are combined, the better your wall will look.

how to design diy photo frames

How to Decorate Your Bedroom With A Touch of Romance

See how this room is filled with a romantic and cozy aura. This is achieved with the subtle and original lighting of Christmas extensions. If you have one or two at home and keep them all year round, you know what you can use them for. With a pair of tips, you can hang them to light. You can also use some other decorative elements to make it look perfect. Here you just hang the Christmas lights in rows and then you can use small colorful paper clips to hang your photographs.

how to decorate your bedroom

How to Decorate Your Drawing Room with Wooden Pallets

Have you seen pallets that are used to safely transport materials or heavy goods? If you get some, you can paint them and create entire sitting furniture of a room without buying any sofas or armchairs. The bottom is used to store books. You can even decorate it with small plants. While at the top, adding a colored cushion, you can rest, receive friends and even sleep. You can make it look more beautiful by covering it with a hand stitched cover. Join all the wooden pallets using nail brackets so that your sofa doesn’t break apart if someone is sleeping or resting over it.

How to Decorate Your Drawing Room

How to Decorate Your Home and Organize it at the Same Time

This great strategy is ideal for small houses. If you don’t have space for extra mugs and you want to spare some burden from your drawers, then you can hang them on the wall of your kitchen. The process is same as the one you did with the pictures in your room. Hang a wooden board on an empty wall in your kitchen. Add some screw hooks and they can be used to hang mugs. Your collection of utensils for tea and coffee will look beautiful while adding to the beauty of your home.

How to decorate your home

Guys, that’s all for now. Hope these ideas will elaborate some useful tips on how to decorate your home. Do share your experience and feedback with us, and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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Happy Decoration!

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