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Natural-Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

How to Boost Your Natural Health and Brain Activity by Spending Time Outdoors

Natural Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Are you searching for a free way to boost your natural health and brain activity?

Do you want to reduce stress? Elevate your mood?

Improve your performance at work?

Get easy progress in your workout?

The simple solution to all these important concerns is that you need to start spending time outdoors.

It has been proven with facts that science doesn’t lie!

Natural Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Outdoor trips can provide you the much-needed benefits to your mind and body. Dedication to nature being a good habit in itself, provides your body the essentials that we otherwise ignore. So, schedule a weekend trip, take a long vacation to a lonely island, go for a short weekend hike.

If all that is not possible then the least you can do is to spend some time in your backyard, or go for a good walk after your lunch.

Just don’t waste even a single moment and grab a seat close to nature!

If you’re still not convinced, then go through all the impressive mind boosting benefits below.

Boost Your Mood Through Outdoor Trips

Being close to greenery is very important.

Even if you live in an urban surrounding, consider taking some time out to get yourself close to a green environment.

The biggest advantage of being close to nature can be referenced through a Stanford research. This research found out that being close to nature decreases the activity in brain-area linked with depression. This study compared a group of people who lived in an urban setting with those who enjoyed nature as their companion. They found out that the rate of depression and anxiety is much less in people living close to greenery in a natural setting.

Another study related to an ancient Japanese ritual called shinrin yoku gives a detailed account of health boosting benefits of nature. They call this activity forest bathing, and ritualistically spend time near greenery to find themselves stripped of all the depressive thoughts that they had.

So, in very simple words, if you spend time close to nature, it ends up reducing your levels of anxiety!

Refocus Your Mind and Increase Clarity

With the increased work demands in our daily life, most of us find ourselves in a brain-clogged state.

Most of us have started living our lives in never-ending circles of eat, sleep and work.

This ends up creating a brain-fog that just doesn’t allow us to think outside of the loops, which define our life. This results in stress, depression, reduced appetite, undue weight gain and obesity.

Refocus You Mind and Increase Clarity

According to a recent study, a trip close to nature for just 60 minutes can immediately boost your brain activity to 20%. If you are good at photography and love to shoot nature with your smartphone, then develop this habit and increase your mind’s clarity.

You can try this out the next time you have a tough work deadline, and see the results for yourself!

Walking Barefoot Outdoors Reduces Inflammation

You would’ve heard of the benefits of walking barefoot on green grass or natural sand?

If not, then we can tell you that it has immense benefits to boost your natural health.

This is called the practice of earthing yourself. It has been scientifically proven that walking barefoot, while making contact with nature, shows sign of reduced inflammation and acts as a natural pain reliever. It also gives your immune system a boost. Go for a walk in your garden if you have a tough schedule. A long walk with your loved ones on a beach is also something that will freshen you up along with boosting your immune system.

Walking Barefoot Outdoors Reduces Inflammation

Plan this outdoor retreat today!

Increase Your Natural Sleep

Being a slave of tough work routines, most of us end up developing insomnia.

One of the best ways to curb sleeplessness and improve your natural good night sleep is through spending time outdoors. A recent study published in the University of Colorado Journal found out that a camping trip is your best retreat to fight insomnia.

Increase Your Natural Sleep

Have you ever heard of your body’s internal clock?

Being so far away from nature, we have entirely messed up its time keeping abilities.

Sleeping outdoors provides your body and its internal clock to reboot and help develop good sleeping habits.

Try to spend a weekend in a pure natural setting, away from all the urban luxuries, and you’ll find yourself much freshened up to face the challenges that the world has to offer.

spending time outdoors

Don’t forget to keep a good camping kit, with DIY Fire Starters!

Boost Your Brain Activity to Increase Creative Thinking

You can test it for yourself, or you can just research on the fact that why Steve Jobs was so interested in having all his meetings barefoot.

He believed that having a contact with nature provides a man increased critical thinking abilities.

Fresh air simulates our ability of rational problem solving along with increased creative thinking.

If you’re a writer like me and suffer from writer’s block like we all do, a short stroll in nature clears up our minds to allow them to function in more creative ways!

Boost Your Brain Activity to Increase Creative Thinking

Take a stroll and experience it for yourself!

Workout Seems Much Easier

With the advent of treadmills, which most of us have at our homes, we tend to neglect the outdoor walks.

If you want to achieve good results in your workout, take a stroll outside, especially in the morning.

The fresh morning air will provide you with a very good health boost, while also increasing your workout. It also provides you with a feeling of freshness for the entire day. According to scientists, there’s a naturally sedating tendency in nature, this effect provides our body with a reduced feeling of fatigue, especially when we are working out.

Workout Seems Much Easier

So, if you want yourself to be more attentive and activated, this is the best thing you can do each morning!

Sunlight Allows Your Body to Absorb Vitamin-D

All of us know the benefits of calcium in our body, the deficiency of which causes us to develop diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Being essentially important, if we take a calcium supplement, it still requires Vitamin D for proper absorption in the body.

The best, natural and most abundant resource of Vitamin D is sunlight!

Sunlight Allows Your Body to Absorb Vitamin D

Sunlight allows the body to synthesize Vitamin D, which can provide us with much needed immune boost to fight these diseases. Spending as little as just 15 minutes in sunlight even in winter can be of a great help towards achieving good natural health.

Try it out today and see the miraculous relief in symptoms!

Increase Your Life Expectancy

We’ve all heard of the fact that life expectancy rate is much higher in rural or close to nature areas.

This was also made certain by a recent Harvard study that observed a group of 108,000 people.

They studied and observed this group for a course of 8 years, and got to the fact that the people who lived near greenery had lower death rates as compared to the ones living in an urban setting. Due to the obligations, we cannot ask everyone to move out of the cities and start living in ranches, but including nature as your companion in your everyday routine can make you lead a healthy and longer life.

Increase Your Life Expectancy

Spending some quality time outdoors near nature can provide you with the much-needed stress release and all the above-detailed benefits.

After all, according to Lord Byron:

“I Love Not Man The Less, But Nature More”

Happy Outdoor Recreation!

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