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A good idea-tune the children's bedroom furniture with these original robot handles

A good idea: tune the children’s bedroom furniture with these original robot handles

Now that robotics has reached our lives and those of our children to stay , it is also gaining ground at home as a theme for decoration. Although nature and cartoon characters are still the favorite subjects for most children to decorate, robotics adds a new original and fun alternative.

If the furniture of your children’s room is a bit boring, you can tune them to give them a more personal and striking look with the new collection of children’s handles Robots made by Viefe and designed by Vabau bring that touch of futuristic fantasy to children’s rooms.

Robots Viefe 1
Robots Viefe 3

The collection of handles includes four different models of robots : blue, red, green and pink, which can be used in combination with each other or by installing the same character in the entire piece of furniture. All designs are made of methacrylate, durable and easy to clean.

Robots Viefe 5
Robots Viefe 6

Renovating furniture with handles is, in general, an excellent idea for all types of spaces. With a change of knobs you get in a few minutes that a piece of furniture seems new and different. In this case we can combine with a vinyl or painted mural of the same theme, or a textile complement inspired by robots and we will have the room completely set. What do you think of the idea?

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