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Garden Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas: Suggestions to Create a Beautiful Backyard

Create a Garden Landscape in Layers

Did you ever cook pasta for dinner? Sounds unrelated? Yes it is. But did you ever think of adding the same concept of layers to your backyard? If you serve a soup without any toping or layers of sauces, how would it look like? Definitely not as good as you thought. And if you top it up with sauces, adding to the flavor and its color, it would definitely be a treat for you or your guests. While creating a garden landscape, you have to take care of the same layered technique. This will surely add up to the beauty of your garden and provide it with a much needed add-on of texture and color. So, today we are going to share a few garden landscaping ideas with you. These ideas will surely allow you to create a layered garden landscape, which would be a treat to watch.

Things to Consider Before Landscaping your Backyard

If you choose to decorate your backyard with a layered landscape, you’d notice that there are many plants that change with respect to seasons. Many of them change the color of their leaves, some change the bark color, while some shed off their leaves. Using a layered approach will provide your garden with different textures in different seasons and that too in sets of organized layers. It will also help you to create a lasting habitat for wildlife like butterflies and birds.

A very important point to consider is that you’ve to be very careful with planation alongside windows. Just make sure that no damage is being caused by the plant roots and they are not blocking the essential light and air for you. Similarly, it is essential for plants to get a good exposure to sun and fresh air. Do make sure that your building is not in the way to block these necessities. The more layers you add, the more exposed would be your plants. Get a good starting point, that’s not very far away from the foundation neither very near to it.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

In terms of layers, there are many options. You can go for a natural or formal look. If you choose a natural approach, then you don’t have to plant the entire line of the same length. Keep the length of your plants variable to get a more natural outlook. However, if you want to opt a very formal garden landscape design, then you can choose same plants of similar height and color. For example, a line of well-nourished light hydrangeas would look astonishing in front of conifers or evergreens.

Garden Landscaping Ideas to Get a Layered Look

1. Repetition is Important

It is very important that you start with a plan. Draw out a sketch before starting with plantation. Repetition is very important and provides the watcher with a joyous sense of equilibrium. Rows of same plants would look beautiful if someone draws his eye over your layered backyard. A golden rule of thumb is to select one family and stick to it. You can change the shape and size, but the same color would provide much rhythm through repetition.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

2. Mind Your Budget

All garden landscaping ideas are limited to a budget. Even if you’re a bit low on budget, you should not withhold certain spaces from plants. While employing a layered landscape, you have to make sure that your layers do not have any empty space. When someone takes a look at the layers, he or she shouldn’t feel like they’re thin and tangled. Go for less costly plants if you’ve a problem of affordability, but don’t spoil the layered landscape.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

3. Proper Spacing

You’ve to keep a check on important information related to your plants. You should know how tall they’ll grow and how much space they need in width. This important information can be copied from the tags. It is very usable to determine the space that you’ve to give each plant in your defined layer. Like in the previous step, we discussed that it is important that your layers don’t look very thin, they should not be over-crowded as well. When you plant an entire row, a little overlapping adds to the rhythm, however overcrowding should be avoided. This will give your layered backyard less messy outlook.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

4. Top Layer Design

No matter how many garden landscaping ideas you follow, there are a few very important things that you should keep track of before starting with the top layer plantation. Get information about the blooming seasons of the type of plants you choose. Also check out how tall will they grow, and what kind and color of fruit they bear. It is also important to know if you top layered plants will change their leaf-color in autumn. Knowing about the seasons of blooming and beauty is very important, as it will determine if your garden will stay evergreen. Your landscape must not go through fruitless periods, when there’s not much beauty to glance at.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

5. Adding Multiple Layers

For the middle layers, shrubs are very suitable. They provide you with a wide variety to choose from. Don’t create a chaos in your garden, choose wisely and make complimentary color combinations. Choosing two colors and layering them out one by one would create a fantastic scene to look at. Look for the ones that are evergreen like hollies or boxwood. You can use them to create a season long ever-green backdrop layer.

While adding flowers, do keep track of the time when they’ll start to bloom. Choose long-lasting and colorful ones, and arrange them in layers. So that one layer after the other starts to bloom in a season. You can also create a layer with flower bearing annuals, which will provide you with a colorful glance all year long. Some good choices are Shasta daisies, dianthus, coneflowers, yarrow, daylilies among a variety of others depending entirely on your choice.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

6. Fill up Empty Spaces

You can use fences to demark and separate spaces in your landscape. They can also be used to increase privacy in your garden. Do read our previous post if you want to decorate your garden with astonishing fence designs. Vines can be used to fill up some empty spaces, they entirely blend in to provide you with an amazing garden landscape.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

7. Garden Décor 

The last tip to compliment all the provided garden landscaping ideas is to decorate your garden with something extra-ordinary. Try installing a fountain in the middle. A birdhouse with a funky shade will also go with the splendid landscape. If you’ve some space and an already grown up tree, then a treehouse will be nice. You can enjoy this perfect view from the height of the treehouse and appreciate the beauty of this beautiful landscape.

Garden Landscaping Ideas

Guys, that all for now, hope you liked the wonderful garden landscaping ideas, and would try them out. Don’t forget to share your experience and any new ideas with us. Please subscribe to our posts and don’t miss a single update!

Happy Landscaping!


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