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Eleven tools that will help you have distributed and organized cabinets as an expert

Eleven tools that will help you have distributed and organized cabinets as an expert

An impeccably tidy wardrobe is the aspiration of many people. Many may be the causes of disorder, and will depend largely on our way of being but there are two common causes that do not help to have it ordered and are: the tendency to accumulation and lack of proper distribution .


The tendency to accumulate , consequence of a consumer society is “out”. In addition to why Marie Kondo says it , which has opened our eyes in that sense, today’s products are not designed to last over time.

The programmed obsolete has even reached the clothing, and is no longer designed as your parents or grandparents, to perpetuate in your closet for decades. After several uses and washes you will notice that the seams have been opened, there are balls or defects in the fabric.

If what you like is to buy frequently, make the maximum that for each garment that enters your closet, remove one of the same type that you have not worn for more than a year. Give it or take it to recycle to a store, most of them already collect these items in exchange for a discount.

In this way, if you manage to have an orderly closet, it will remain so and will not be affected by the excess of garments .


Another of the elements that most affect the organization is a poor distribution of the cabinets . The ideal is to have cabinets tailored to our needs and what we have to save, but the most normal thing is that we coexist with standardized interior cabinets. With many shelves and hanging bars and few drawers.

Other times the fitted wardrobes are empty in some floors. It happens often if you bought a flat from the promoter, but fortunately there are several tools that can facilitate your distribution because they adapt to what we already have.

For example, do you think there is a lot of space between each shelf and the piles? Are you missing a hanging bar? The solution to these problems is easier than it seems.

Between Ikea (which I calculate is the company that has done the most for the organization at home) and Amazon , where everything you can imagine is sold, they solve the issue.


For the shelves . Attention to these complements if you need to make the most of the space of your shelves and have everything in view and well ordered.

Metaltex Babatex Intermediate Organizer Closet Shelf And Kitchen 30 Centimeters White
Order in amazon cabinets

Shelf for shelves. Metaltex BABATEX – Intermediate cabinet and kitchen shelf, 40 centimeters white. Price € 6.41

Order in amazon cabinets

mDesign Set of 4 metal dividers to organize cabinets and shelves – Practical dividers of shelves and shelves – Accessory system for cabinets without screws – silver € 14.99

For shoes . To have them organized and in sight. That is why it is convenient that they be transparent. For this reason, and for the same reason that Virgil Abloh has designed his showcase . To show off your best possessions in case you have invested in the ugly shoes of the moment and want to exhibit them .

Order in amazon cabinets
Order in ikea cabinets

Although this thought and have the perfect measure to store zapartos, this Ikea furniture also serve as an interior drawer to organize and divide spaces in closets or as your own furniture if you combine several, as in the photos.

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Okkkcaptura De Pantalla 2018 06 15 A Las 9 14 57

SPÄNST Shoe box, white € 13,99

In Amazon, in size very received and easy to transport.

Amazon Stackable Foldable Plastic Corrugated Shoes

Stackable boxes for 10-piece corrugated plastic shoes € 8.61

Or a system to stack shoes in an orderly manner.

Adjustable Shoes Organizer Plastic Rack Footwear Rack White Space Saver Set Of 10

Adjustable Space Saver Organizer, White (Set of 10) Current price: EUR 29,99 FREE shipping.

Chests of drawers in cupboards . It is one of the most expensive items in a custom cabinet. Hence the utility of the drawers prepared for inclusion in the closet. You just have to take the measures into account, its bottom is usually between 52 and 50 centimeters so that the closet can be closed, which is 60 centimeters deep in the standard way.


Cajonera four drawers 40 cm deep, several measures wide. In oak € 64.95

In low cost version.

Order in amazon cabinets

SONGMICS Organizer with 4 drawers Multi-purpose modular fabric cabinet Beige 45 x 38 x 84.5 cm Current price: EUR 29,99

Hang organizers . A great solution for vertical storage of handkerchiefs, belts and other items that can cause chaos in drawers and shelves.

Mdesign Pendant Case Organizer Bijouterie Organized Rings Hoops Bracelets Necklaces Bibs 48 Pockets Natural

mDESIGN organizer pendant case 12.99 euros

Hanging bar . Even when the closet is empty, or to place them on a shelf and hang handkerchiefs, bags on a hook …

Toogoo R Rod Rod Curtain Rail Curtain Tension Tension Telescopic Expandable Web Loading Springs 40 75cm White

TOOGO Rod rod pole curtain rail tension of telescopic network extendable stretched spring loaded White 70-120 cm € 3.39

Perches . I have tried these and I do not want any other. On the benefits of using a single hanger model we already talk here , (you gain space, visual order …) and these in particular pick up the shoulders well, are wide, take up little space and are non-slip.

Ongmics Velvet Fine Hangers Non-Slip 45 X 24 X 0 6 Cm 50 Units Gray Crf50v

Songmics – Thin non-slip velvet hangers, 45 x 24 x 0.6 cm, (50 units), Gray Current price € 25.95

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