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DIY Foosball Table – DIY Foosball Game for Your Kid from an Old Shoebox

DIY tasks for your home are an awesome approach to spend some energy alone or with your kids. DIY will enhance your kid’s creativity and they will have a fabulous time making something with their own pair of hands. A great DIY you can make with your loved ones is unquestionably a DIY foosball table. All you require for this charming DIY you have at home and that makes it so incredible project. Divide the family into 2 groups, and start working. One team can craft and other can color.

What do you Need to Make a DIY Foosball Table:

  • 1 shoebox
  • 6 plastic straws or wooden dowels
  • 10 clothespins
  • 2 ping pong balls

From the Equipment:

  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Paint
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Glue and clear tape

DIY Foosball Table

Step 1:

Start with the shoebox. Measure the length of the shoebox and pick where you will make openings for the bars. In the case that you have 6 openings on the entire box, remember to leave a similar space between them. You can make 4 openings or even 8 if you have the shoebox which is bigger. Make the gaps for the bars and cut the shorter sides of the shoebox for foosball goals. The objective is that it doesn’t need to be too huge, keep in mind that the ping-pong ball can pass through without much of a stretch.

Step 2:

Since the shoebox is completely done, forward it to the group in charge of coloring. Give your children some paint and let them have fun with the shoebox.

Step 3:

While kids are caught up with shading, you can make the rods, for which you have two alternatives. You can utilize the wooden dowels or you can make your own rods with plastic straws. A good idea is to grab the straws for cocktails since they are bigger and fill them with dowels for better performance.

Step 4:

We are practically done! The last thing we need to make are the foosball players. The most effortless approach to make them is to look for clothespins. The quantity of players is completely up to you. You can use 10, 5 for each team on the field. You can also color the clothespins in two different colors so you can know which clothespin is for which team.

Easy, fast and simple DIY foosball table you can make with your family, for your children.

Guys, this is all for today, hope you liked our post, don’t forget to add your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Enjoy the game of foosball!

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