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Decorate with stickers-spaces to the last, without much complication and avoiding wallpaper

Decorate with stickers: spaces to the last, without much complication and avoiding wallpaper

In this stressful world where every minute is gold, making any decorative extra at home is cumbersome, because you do not have enough free time to do it. During the week, the routine takes up almost the whole day and the weekend comes when the first thing you want is to try to rest by disconnecting from any possible obligation. A quick way to renew some home environments are the stickers, an activity that can be fun for the whole family and on the way, it gives a turn to the decoration of the home. It’s as simple as decorating with stickers putting them to everyone’s taste.


You can buy online , it’s your thing, we will find a greater variety of colors and shapes . At first glance it seems silly and even see the package and its content may not stimulate us too much to start its development. Although we guarantee that when you finish seeing all these ideas, your opinion will take a turn and you will see that it is not such nonsense. Changing the aesthetic profile at home in just a few hours is easy and simple .




To begin the color of the wall is essential and must be well dry before gluing the decorative accessory. If we want to change it, the color of the sticker must be different from the base . The second is to invent and try different strategies of composition , for example if they are triangles we can turn them into rhombuses , the ideal is the disparity , with this a non-repetitive mosaic is created with a touch of detail. In addition to walls, tables and other furniture lacking in originality are also defined to create customized and different furniture.


In past seasons we have resorted to floral stickers, trees that seemed to climb our walls, swallows and restless butterflies and endless letters in different languages. This fall-winter season they become more discreet, small golden confetti, triangles, stars and geometric figures are the protagonists, metallic colors, whites that contrast with blacks continue to stomp or pastel tones become the favorites for the public although If you do a search you will be surprised by the variety of colors and ideas given by the vinyl signatures.


For a children’s room we show you so many ideas that the inspiration will come to you instantly. In Dormitories for adults they create consecutive sequences that approach each other, coming to resemble a swirl of papers carried by the wind . The witty in each space is the artistic characteristic that remains embodied in the environments , makes them unique. As a tip clean the dust on the walls so that the grip is permanent.


If you want to make a good contrast, painting walls with opposite colors will highlight the stickers, it is one of the fastest ways to get decorative solutions in a weekend, avoiding wallpaper , a single or group work that will give the rooms a touch different, sometimes full of magic and others with their own originality and much merit . I get to work with my wall stickers. Do you cheer up?

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